In order to enhance the quality of the image or extract any useful information from it, the random image dataset is manipulated, which is known as image processing. The process is beneficial and productive; that is why it is gaining broader importance these days. With the introduction of significant advancements in technology, one can also use artificial intelligence in the image processing procedure.

Usage of image processing

In modern times, image transferring usage has increased in various industries or fields due to its number of benefits or uses, which are as follows.

Pattern recognition

Classifying and distinguishing the objects, by understanding the entire scene and identifying various positions of the objects. 

Image restoration and image sharpening

Increasing the quality of images being processed.

Phases in image processing

Following are some essential stages or phases included in the process of digital image

Acquisition of image

The first and foremost step is to capture the image using a camera and then convert the image into a manageable entity.

Image enhancement

This step helps in improving the quality of the image by extracting its hidden information.

Image restoration

At this step, more focus is given on image quality by removing all the potential corruption seen on the image for getting a clear image.

Color image processing

This phase consists of processing different colored images and color spaces.

Image processing techniques

Here is a list of tools used in this method


  • Edge detection


The technique named edge detection, it uses data extraction and image segmentation. The technique helps in knowing the various edges of the object.


  • Filtering


With the help of filtering, one can easily erase some unwanted features from an image by adding some filters to it. Various filtering techniques used in the process are wiener filtering, linear filtering, and median filtering. 

At last, with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning, machines are used for interpreting images in a way that suits the user’s needs.