The Easy Set Inflatable Ring Pool seems to be the way to go for those of us who don’t have the money to buy and have set up or put in ground one of the more expensive pools. I have owned two of these and there is really a mix of good and bad, although, these were one of the Best inflatable pools that fit well within my budget.

I will just tell you about the one I own now which is 16′ by 42″. First off the name of the pools are “easy set” and there is nothing really easy about setting up one of these pools. Unless you have a perfect, and I do mean perfect, the flat spot then you are going to have some trouble. It is not impossible, but it will take some work. Now you can look at the spot and think that your spot is pretty level, and guess what you go to fill it up and it is way lop-sided. What we have found it that to save a lot of time is to find someone who has experience with leveling ground and either has some sand brought in or be ready to dig the ground to level. It is a process that involves of course the biggest level you can find and some strings and such. I can’t really explain the process as I have no idea how it is done, my husband and a family friend have some experience in this area handled it. Once you do get the ground level you have to get in as soon as you start filling up the pool and pull the wrinkles out of the bottom and make sure that it is all smoothing out and the walls are going up even. If you get past this point without giving up you are really going to enjoy your pool and be glad you went through the trouble.

The rest of the set up is a piece of cake the filter comes with clear instructions but is really self-explanatory, just attach the hoses to the right ports. Air up the ring. I do recommend an electric pump but I have also done it with a hand pump and it did not take long at all, (made the kids take turns pumping!). Let it fill up and you are good to go. The pool usually comes with all of the chemicals to get you started.

This pool is really durable the side walls are made of some sturdy stuff. We have only had a problem one time with getting a hole in the inflatable ring. A patch kit came with the pool and it was a snap to apply it and stop the leak. Like I said this is the second one we have owned and the first one lasted for several years before we gave it away to get the larger one. We now have the larger one, which is 16′ by 42″. It has plenty of room for my two boys and even my husband and I.

If you are on a budget and are willing to put in a little work on the set up then you can get one of these at your local Wal-Mart or K-Mart. As I said once you get past the set up you will be glad you bought it and so will your children.