Dog owners fall into their own unique category. They love their dogs, but sometimes their habits can be downright annoying. The following are a few of the most annoying habits of dog owners.

Before getting into the list of habits, I’d like to inform you that I was a dog owner myself and my father was virtually a sucker for Labradors and German shepherds which is why he had a few of them in his farmhouse replete with all the facilities like kennels, dog food, cbd oil for dogs and many others so I can very well relate to other owners so let’s get down to business.

Telling everyone what your pet “says”.

It’s great that you think you’re the next Dog Whisperer, but it’s likely that you’re full of it. When your dog barks, whimpers or whines, don’t tell everyone in the room what your dog just “said”. You don’t know what they said. You don’t speak dog. Plus, nobody else truly cares.

Talking endlessly about your pet.

Yes, it’s great that you have an interest in your dog, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that you talk about. If you cannot have a conversation with others without bringing up your pet, it’s a sign of a social problem.

Treating your dog like a child.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but dogs and children ARE NOT the same. Dogs don’t need strollers and they don’t need to be treated the same way a child would be treated. There’s no “nappy nap” time for dogs, and dogs don’t want a “snacky poo”. Those friends of yours that actually have children are not going to be impressed when you try to compare your dog’s issues or accomplishments with their child’s.

Not cleaning up after your dog.

Whether you’re taking Fido for a stroll through the neighborhood or letting them run free in your own backyard, it’s a good idea to clean up after your dog. No stranger wants to find dog poop in their yard because you failed to clean up your dog’s mess, and your friends and relatives don’t want to step in piles of dog poo while attending a barbecue in your yard.

Not training your dog.

Most dog owners teach their dogs basic commands, such as sit or stay. But dog owners typically fail to teach their dog how to behave appropriately when new people come to the house. No guest in your home wants to be jumped on by your dog, so it’s important that you teach your dog not to jump on people. If your dog has a habit of jumping (or simply being annoying), then it’s a good idea to remove your dog from the area when guests arrive. Allowing your dog to jump on your guests makes your guests feel uncomfortable.

Making excuses for your dog.

Your dog isn’t whimpering in the middle of the night because they lost their mom, and your dog doesn’t have separation anxiety because of psychological trauma they faced as a puppy. Yes, dogs can cower at the sign of men if they were abused by a man, but don’t make up your own obtuse excuses for your dog’s behavior just to make excuses. Nobody will believe you, and you’ll simply be wasting your breath.

Dressing your dog up.

Dogs were not meant to wear clothes, so stop forcing your dog to dress up in outfits. They don’t look cute, they look ridiculous. Plus, it’s a waste of money.