One of the most played games in the world today is undoubtedly poker. It offers variations of games like community card poker, draw poker, stud poker, etc. to give players a wide range of options.

If you’ve ever played poker, you know there are certain hands that should never be dealt to. You can’t win with them. They lose every time. And they’re not even close to being a draw either. They are the worst of the worst in terms of data togel taiwan strategy. 

So how do we play these hands? How do we minimize or avoid losing with them? Here’s a few pointers for dealing with those suckers. 

These aren’t really bad cards — they just happen to be weak or terrible. Don’t sweat it. But if your opponent has one of these, don’t get caught with it. 

The Best Play Against These Cards 

  • Aces and Kings 

The best way to deal with an ace or king is to fold. If the player has no other cards in their hand, then you have nothing to worry about. 

If they have a single card, then the best play depends on whether they’re bluffing. If they’re bluffing, you want to call (or raise) if you think your hand is stronger than theirs. However, if they are likely bluffing, then it’s probably better to fold. Remember, this is an aggressive game. It’s all about betting or raising as often as possible until you get lucky and someone else calls you. 

  • Jacks and Queens 

Similarly, you should always fold when you’re holding a jack or queen. Even if you think you have a decent hand, there’s a good chance that your opponent has something better.

If you’re dealt a jack, it’s very unlikely that your opponent doesn’t have anything better. So if you’re dealt a jack, go ahead and fold. The chances are that your opponent will take pot-odds against a pair, so why risk it? On top of that, the only reason you’d consider playing this hand would be because you were dealt the jack. Why give up a chance at winning by drawing one more card when you could just fold instead? 

  • Kings and Aces 

Similar to the previous point, kings and aces are also a sucker’s hand. Unless you have a strong hand, folding is the best option. 

For example, let’s say you’ve got a set and the flop comes. You’re pretty sure your opponent has a straight. If he does, you can bet big. If he doesn’t, then you’ll want to fold. There’s just no way you’ll beat him, especially since you have two cards left in your deck. As such, unless your opponent has a strong hand, it would be in his interest to fold. He’s just giving away free money. 

And while this may seem like a lot of information to process, remember poker is all about minimizing losses. By sticking to our basic principles, we can ensure that we’re not handing out any free money. 

Cards That Should Always Be Folding 

Deals Like This One 

When you’re dealt a card like this, be prepared to fold. In fact, you might as well fold before the flop even hits the table. You cannot beat this hand. 

It’s almost impossible to make money on a hand like this. There’s just no way you can improve your hand with additional cards. Sure, you might get lucky and draw another ace, but you’re still going to be behind. And even if you somehow manage to beat your opponent’s flush, you’ll end up with two dead cards in your hand. What was the point? 

You should also be careful when you’re playing with someone who has a pair of aces. While it’s true that your opponent might not have a better hand than yours, it’s also possible that he has another pair. For instance, if he has 2-4, then you might be able to beat his straight with a higher kicker. 

Another situation where you shouldn’t try to bluff with this type of card is when you’re sitting across from a tight player who doesn’t bluff much. Your odds of getting called with a weak hand are slim to none, meaning that you should just fold to save yourself some trouble. 

Don’t Bluff When You Have A Pair 

This is probably the most common hand that people encounter when they first start playing poker. Unfortunately, this isn’t the ideal situation for bluffing.

After all, what are you going to bluff with here? You’re already down to your last card. As such, there’s no chance you can improve your hand. Plus, you’re not even guaranteed to have a pair, meaning your opponent will probably see right through your bluff. 

On top of that, you’re pretty much guaranteeing yourself a loss if your bluff works. That’s because there’s a huge difference between a pair and a full house. Even if you hit your bluff, there’s still a good chance your opponent will catch you. 


There are plenty of situations in which you’ll be dealt a bad card. You might be dealing with a really strong player who knows exactly what he’s doing. Or maybe you’re playing online and you’ve been dealt a bunch of garbage hands. No matter what the circumstances, you need to learn to play around these types of cards. 

While it may feel uncomfortable to fold when you’re dealt a bad card, there is no way your opponents are going to come back with aces and queens. As such, there’s little sense in trying to bluff and risk a huge loss.