The corona virus pandemic has united all the nations in more ways than one and even the staunchest of enemy countries that never saw eye to eye have now joined hands to fight off this virus by trying to work out a cure or vaccine in order to eradicate this disease once and for all from this world.

What is important to note that even the lockdown period has made people realize that nothing is more valuable than life and therefore they are confined to their homes without moving out except to buy the essentials that are needed and otherwise confine themselves to the four walls of their house.

Apart from watching their favorite movies on portals like Netflix and Amazon, many have also started to listening to music on their mobile phones as this gives them a piece of mind and mitigates the grim atmosphere caused by corona.

Utilizing Earplugs

The practice of connecting your earphones to the phone and placing the buds into the ears is quite old and was once upon a time a popular pastime for youngsters all around which they used perfectly.

Nowadays, Bluetooth has made everything go wireless due to which you no longer need to keep the phone in hand to listen to songs or have a conversation with friends. Therefore, some important devices that pair with ear buds are listed out:

  • Desktop Computer- You can connect your Bluetooth with the system that you use for office work and now can do so for entertainment purpose as well

  • Iphone, the obvious choice, where you can both listen to music, watch videos and have long conversations with friends and family
  • Television- Smart TV users are having the time of their lives because they also have the best truly wireless earbuds under 50 through which they can watch YouTube videos and the latest web series flicks