Social networking has inherent risks for business associates, but it also has professional perks and positive benefits for your career. You already know the benefits of networking with other business associates on websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Myspace, but you may be hesitant about the risks of signing up for a social network account. In this business article, we’ll detail what you need to know about business networking on the Internet, and how it can help your career and office that we learned through

The Business Risks of Social Networking for Professional Connections:

I don’t want to mix my personal and professional life: A lot of times, the persona you exhibit in your business office can differ from what you’re like in your personal social life. Thus, you may not want to mix your personal and professional life. In order to avoid any awkward mixes, such as having your business associates seeing pictures of you at a party, check that your friends and contacts on professional social networks like LinkedIn are only professional connections. If you have accounts on social networks such as Myspace or Facebook, it will help to have two accounts (one for friends and one for professional networking).

I’ll get spammed: Most established social networks have policies and automated procedures to stop spam. If one of your contacts on a social network starts spamming you and the social network website does nothing about it, simply remove that business contact.

The Myths of Social Networking for Professional Connections:

It will invade my privacy:

All established social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have safeguards to protect your profile from being viewed by people you don’t want to have the ability to see your page. You can set privacy levels so that only your social network friends and acquaintances can see your profile. Also, you can limit the business information you share on these networks.

I’m too old/not tech-savvy:

Older business professionals may be wary of social networks, thinking its too “new” or “young” for them. Most social networks used by business professionals guide you through the process of setting up your account; all you need to do is follow the prompts!

The Benefits of Social Networking for Business Associates:

Social networks can help you network with other professionals in your field. In business, it’s all about building professional connections-and social networks do it for you! Many businesspersons have used social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to hire and fill much-needed office positions, find connections to help seal a business deal, and more. What can you use professional social networks for?