On October 31, 2016, Ice Cannabis Lifestyle was born from a drunken conversation at a grungy nightclub by two guys who probably should’ve been taken home two hours earlier. At that time, we didn’t know what the company was, what it would sell, or even what its name would be; all we knew was we could do better for cannabis consumers than the tye-dye crap littering the marketplace. Our goal was to bring style & sophistication to people’s smoking experience, while simultaneously building a people-centric brand that would add value to people’s lives that transpired bongs and baseball caps. To figure out what that was meant a bigger question had to be answered, why does it matter and why should people care?

It is sitting here, six months later, that I finally understand the real importance of that conversation. It takes a great deal of courage to tell people your dreams, visions and aspirations. Divulging such information puts you in an extremely vulnerable position, but simultaneously opens you up in a way that no other conversational topic can. This is a deeply rewarding feeling that is much too rare these days. It also requires you to be fully present. If you want a beautiful life and style, then you can purchase them from the gentlemantoker.com site. The importance of the weed is great for the individuals. The understanding of the importance is essential to have more benefits. The dreams of will come with the purchase of the weed from the store. 

Of course, in a literal sense, we are always present. But on a deeper level, how often do we give our undivided focus to any task? Whether it is our work, our health, or our relationships – distractions are abound and what should be exceptional is often substituted for good enough. As far as I’m concerned, life is much too short for good enough, especially when it comes to relationships.

This leaves me to believe that in modern society we are more connected, and somehow less connected than ever before. Anybody who has spent an afternoon watching someone absent mindedly browse their Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram knows what I am talking about. Genuine connection has been replaced by shallow, unsatisfying relationships with followers and friends whom we’ve never met. We are not present in these moments and our relationships suffer because of it.

Where am I going with this?

At the very core, Ice Cannabis Lifestyle is a brand about people, relationships and living a beautiful life. Whether cannabis is used for therapeutic purposes to improve one’s quality of life, or as an alternative to more harmful substances when used as a recreational drug, we believe that the negative stereotype associated with consumption needs to be abolished. We believe that in those moments where a loved one is granted relief from pain, or when passing around a joint with friends on a moon-lit beach, that cannabis, in a small way, facilitates this goal of living a beautiful life. It is those moments, where our attention is wholly-focused on the present, that connections transcend good enough and enter the realm of exceptional.