Latest Pokemon Go Update Rolls

The latest Pokemon Go update has finally arrived. While many trainers are still waiting for the new tracking feature to make its debut, Niantic has quietly been making improvements to the game. The latest Pokemon Go update isn’t a groundbreaking one, but the changes in the game improve the experience overall and with these Pokemon […]

Game of Thrones RPG is Clunky, but Fascinating

If Cyanide’s Game of Thrones RPG had come out 10 years earlier, it might have been a (maybe very) minor classic. Its faintly blocky graphics, the at times over-earnest, at times hokey, at times rather good voice acting wouldn’t have merited much criticism. Real time-with-pause combat was more common. As is, the game came out […]

Fun Games Kids Can Play While Waiting

It’s a fact: Kids get bored when they’re waiting. Whether it’s waiting at the doctor’s office, dentist or a long car ride, kids get bored. And bored kids can quickly turn into mischievous kids. Most parents, though, don’t like packing around a huge supply of games and activities to curb boredom. Here are a few […]