Using Lawn Mowers to Maintain Your Lawn

Mowing the grass may be a contemplative, almost spiritual experience for some. It’s a chance to tune in while getting some exercise by walking behind a lawn mower and inhaling the aroma of freshly cut grass. Some, on the other hand, despise the concept. It’s mind-numbingly repetitive, hot, raucous, and ageless work. Of course, everyone […]

Planting A Vegetable Garden

If you are dreaming of having your own vegetable garden in your backyard then you must follow my three important tips for growing vegetable garden. Before discussing how you can plant your own vegetable garden. Let’s discuss some of its advantages first: None With your own vegetable garden you can avoid harmful chemicals that are […]

DIY Gardeners Can Find Help on These Blogs

Now that Chicago’s snowiest February on record has ended, many Chicagoans are thinking about Spring and planning gardens. I enjoy spending time outside in my backyard from April through October, but so far, I’ve only had time to complete smaller garden projects. This year, that will change, as I have high hopes and big plans […]

Easy Landscaping Ideas to Add Color for the Fall

If you like to plan ahead for your landscaping, then you are probably already planning out ideas for your yard and garden for fall. With the changing seasons, many people like to do different things to their landscaping. When most people think about fall they think about the changing of colors on the leaves, the […]