Dump the Scale

Is your scale making you fat? Scales are evil, evil contraptions. Period. Especially when someone is trying to lose weight. A person’s weight can fluctuate up to five or more pounds from morning to night and will be all over the place throughout the day. It can really make or break someone trying to eat […]

Top 10 Yoga Diet Books

Combining yoga and a good diet can help you reach the results you want faster. Along with it being faster, you will be healthier than just doing one or the other on their own. Yoga is good for your body, moreover, you can also check out yoga burn free offer that allows you to explore […]

Using Stimulants to Meet Weight Loss Goals

First off, I do not claim to be a doctor, nor do I claim to have any experience in the medical field. Everything detailed in the article is based on personal experience and personal advice from athletes and trainers. Do not make drastic lifestyle changes without first consulting your doctor. Just about every person in […]