Top 10 Productivity Android Apps

I’m an Android fan and enjoy the freedom this software provides. I have many apps on my HTC Desire, from games to navigation to productivity. As a social media consultant, I need to connect to social networks with ease. I also need to ensure files are synced across all my networks (desktop, laptop and phone). […]

What are Social Media Sites? – Global platform for promotion of products!!

What are Social Media Sites?Social media sites are blended sites. They combine media with social interaction, using highly accessible and easy enough to use publishing platforms. There is often an overlap between what sites are considered social media sites and what sites are considered social networking sites. <–more–>They’re for Networking This is because social media […]

Business: Three Risks and Myths of Social Networking

Social networking has inherent risks for business associates, but it also has professional perks and positive benefits for your career. You already know the benefits of networking with other business associates on websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Myspace, but you may be hesitant about the risks of signing up for a social network account. […]

Social Networking: Does it Pose a Risk or is it Safe?

Social networking is the growing fad across the web, creating communities and sharing information about yourself and your loved ones. Enabling individuals to create and reconnect with relationships from their past, however, how safe is social networking and do you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself while sharing in a web based community? Globally […]