What is the most common unit of measurement of weight and mass? The simple answer is kilograms and pounds. The Pound is the imperial unit for weight or mass computation. Under the SI system, weight is the unit for mass and weight measurement. However, if you take an in-depth look inside both the terms, you will find complications. You might need to look at the different ways you will convert a measurement in both ways.

A kilogram is presented as “kg,” a pound is represented as “lbs.” The mother fact is that a kilogram is substantially heavier by 2.2 times than a pound. Thus, one can conclude that 1 kg= 2.2 lbs. To know more about the imperial and metric unit of measurement, keep reading the article. 

The Basic Differences Between Pound And Kilogram

Did you know, the term kilogram is derived from a Greek word, whereas Pound is a German word? Kilogram, the metric unit of measurement, is used by several countries. However, the Pound is used by countries like the USA and UK. A pound is equivalent to 0.4535 kilograms. For example, if you want to convert 65 kgs to lbs, then the solution will be 143.3005 lbs. 

How To Get The Answer:

The logic is simple: Divide the given kilos by 0.4535. We already know that a pound is equal to 0.4535 or 0.45359237. How many decimals places you wish to take depends on you. You are going to get the answer for converting 65kgs to lbs in no time. 

Overall, the article has provided a brief guide about both the units of measurement. Keep in mind that the Pound is a measurement of force as well. Kilo is meant for mass measurement. While both the terms are utilized for computation but it has got significant differences.