According to my definition of what a social media guru is, it’s everyone who claims superior knowledge to other social media marketers without having the solid understanding of what social media marketing really means for businesses.

While in other industries, the word “Guru” can possibly be funny to use, in the social media marketing world, it’s considered a credibility KILLER!

Here are some super funny videos that explain my point in plain English!

Now that you’ve seen these videos, I hope that you never call yourself a social media guru again. Because this word is too much used and abused in today’s web, your potential clients will never look even at your services once they spot the “I’m a social media guru” phrase. I see people using it on their Twitter bios, Facebook about, blogs…etc, and I hope all of them realize that it won’t do them any better. In a matter of fact, it will only harm them beyond imagination because today’s clients are very educated and won’t fall into these traps.

So what can I call myself?

Simply and clearly state what you best known. It’s true that when you establish yourself in this market, you can call yourself an expert (and even that requires a lot of experience and hard work), but if you’re just starting out, just state what you simply do that can help your clients reach their goals.

How to just be a social media service provider

The phrase that I like to use a lot is “a social media service provider”. This simple phrase clearly states that we’re all here to serve. The more we serve; the more success we’re going to achieve. Here are a few things that will increase your credibility:

1- State what you do

In your bios, blog’s about page, cover letters…etc, you should clearly state what you best known and do. If you’re a social media manager, then you can just say “I’m a social media manager”. Most clients have developed immunity against over-hyped statements. They are already spending no more than 10 second with every cover letter, so your phrase “I’m a social media guru”, will make it 1 second.

2- Mention your experience

If you have more than 2 or 3 years providing your services, then you can simply say that you have 2 years of experience in this field. If you’re just starting out, then it won’t be necessary to mention that. Show your potential clients what you’ve already done because that’s what most of them care about.

3- Just be humble

No matter how much experience you got in this business, there will be always a ton of hidden things that you may not know. Clients like honest, credible, friendly and humble service providers. I believe that these are the only ingredients to gaining trust, and who wouldn’t work with someone who they really trust?

Action step

If you have the phrase “social media guru” in any of your web properties, go and change them to something more credible. Hype will probably get you a few clients who might be new to this field, but that’s not how solid businesses are built.

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