If you like to plan ahead for your landscaping, then you are probably already planning out ideas for your yard and garden for fall. With the changing seasons, many people like to do different things to their landscaping. When most people think about fall they think about the changing of colors on the leaves, the falling of the leaves, and the harvesting of vegetables. There are quite a few ways to make your landscaping ready for the fall and fit in perfect with the changing seasons.

If you live in an area where the leaves on trees change color then you are in luck. Planting a tree that has leaves that will change color is an excellent way to spruce up your landscaping for fall. This tree will also look great in spring and summer when it is in full bloom also. Try a maple tree, as their leaves change into beautiful colors of red and orange during the fall. You can also plant a flowering dogwood or a birch, as they turn wonderful colors also. If you are lucky, you can get several weeks in the fall with the tree having wonderfully colored leaves before they fall off. Even after they fall off, you can still enjoy the colors of the leaves around the tree.

Even though you may not think about it, but you can plant some shrubs in the early fall or late summer that will also add some color to your landscaping. There are quite a few different shrubs that produce berries in the fall and also change colors. Some shrubs to consider are winterberry holly, which produces red berries in the fall. The burning bush which has red leaves for all of the fall. Lastly, the meserveae holly, which produces red berries and has an evergreen look to it. These shrubs along with the colorful leaves will make your landscaping so vibrant with fall colors.

Changing colors will add more variety to the shrubbery where the leaves would be another aura to the spectacle called garden edging where the juicy red berries are waiting to be devoured.

Another landscaping idea for the fall is to decorate your gardens. pathways, and patios with fall themed items. You can pick up some bales of hay or cornstalks from your local nursery or garden store and place them around your yard. Place some gourds, such as pumpkins or squash on top of the bales of hay if you wish. Purchase a coupe different pumpkins ranging in size and scatter them in your garden and around your walkways. Purchase a scarecrow for your garden and decorate him anyway you wish. Your local craft store and garden store will have tons of different fall themes items that you can place in your landscaping to celebrate the season of fall.

Lastly, there are a couple of landscaping things that you need to do to your yard before winter comes. You need to fertilize your grass one last time, before it goes dormant in the fall. Make sure that you also cut your grass one last time during the fall. If you have vegetable plants that are done producing vegetables, then you should pull the plants out and get rid of them, so you have a clean garden bed for next spring. During the fall you just want to make sure that your yard and garden has been cleaned up and is ready for the winter and the coming spring when everything starts blooming and growing again.