As a woman’s age advances, she is able to notice certain changes in her body particularly hair changes. This is considered a natural occurrence and according to statistics, the number of women suffering from hair loss or thinning hair is increasing. Because of this alarming fact, women are constantly looking for an effective thinning hair treatment that they can use and regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks

There are various studies conducted about thinning hair and the results are somewhat the same. Thinning hair is brought about by a wide range of reasons. Certain health conditions like stress, anemia, thyroid disease, substantial gain or loss of weight, and scalp infections can definitely cause hair thinning. Menopause and pregnancy can result to hormonal changes in the body which in turn can lead to temporary thinning or thickening of hair.

To help you understand your situation better, here are the most common reasons of thinning hair and their respective treatment options:

  • Genetic Make-up

Once a woman is already in her twenties or thirties, thinning hair may set in especially if it’s due to genetics. This condition is called pattern baldness and it doesn’t occur only in men but in women too. Men usually exhibit receding hairlines but in the case of female pattern baldness, it will usually start with gradual thinning of hair.

Pattern baldness is commonly treated using anti-androgens and Minoxidil.

  • Stress

Stress is another factor that can contribute to hair loss. Because of stress, a large number of your hair follicles will enter the phase called ‘resting phase or stage’. This will eventually lead to thinning of hair.

This will not require any form of treatment because once you remove the stress, everything will return to normal including your hair cycle.

  • Nutritional deficiency

It is very important to eat a well-balanced diet in order to keep the body healthy and strong. A healthy body will also result to healthy hair. If you’re malnourished, then your hair will look dull and lifeless. Consult a dietician to help you figure out a balanced diet plan and also take food supplements.

  • Cosmetic Use

Frequent use of hair colors, dyes, and bleach can thin your hair. Strong shampoos are no exception. In just a couple of months of frequent cosmetics use, your hair will start to thin. It would be best to use hair products that are natural and those that have the right ph.

  • Chronic illness/major surgery

Hair can shed after a major operation or surgery. Even chronic illnesses may exhibit symptoms like thinning of hair. If you have an illness, it important to cure it first so that hair thinning will stop.

  • Infections

Scalp infections can cause thinning hair. If you visit your doctor, he or she can prescribe you with the appropriate antibiotics to treat the infection and at the same time stop thinning of hair.

So before choosing a specific thinning hair treatment product, make sure that you consult your doctor first so that the true cause of your hair problem is identified. Only then will you be able to stop hair thinning and regain your beautiful hair back. It also pays to take good care of your hair because in some way, your hair reflects how you care for it. Besides, beautiful hair can open the door to various opportunities for you especially if you’re trying to look for a job.

The likelihood of experiencing androgenetic alopecia increases with age. Although it can affect teenagers, over half of males aged 50 and older have some degree of hair loss. It is most likely to affect females following menopause. Often, people who have androgenetic alopecia have family members with the same condition. In males, hair thinning tends to occur from the hairline to the back of the head. In females, it tends to affect the crown of the head.