A house becomes a home because of the people in it. The designs and colours reflect the styles of the people who reside inside the home. Also, the popular choice of wall paint designs and house colours for home keep changing with time. For those who are about to give their house exterior a fresh look, here are a few pointers that will help.

How to paint the exterior like a pro

Some people may have never painted the exterior of their homes. Since everybody encounters a first-time, the following tips will help in making the first-time a pleasant experience.

  • The season

The thumb rule to start with house painting is to wait for summer or spring. Intuitively, these are the season when it is easy for the paint to dry. Painting the home would be quite difficult when there is snow, wind or rain. Even when the right season has arrived, check the weather forecast before starting the painting work.

  • Cover the landscape

Since painting is a messy affair, it is better to cover the landscape to protect the plants and bushes while painting. Going ahead without preparation can lead to paint dripping on to the grass. It will end up spoiling the whole scenery.

  • Efficiency

Use hacks that will help paint the house faster without compromising on the quality of finish. For instance, those who have a good grip on both hands have a better reach, especially while painting from a ladder.

Initial hurdles

First-timers will certainly encounter issues such as not being able to paint in a straight line or too much dripping. The exteriors should be painted from top to bottom so that one can easily correct any mistakes along the way. Painting the doors and windows early would be better as they will dry by the night when they have to be closed. A little bit of thinking goes a long way in obtaining a beautiful exterior look.