If you’re learning about the forex market, you can easily that forex signals are mentioned a lot.

What are forex signals?a Forex signal is a tool that can help you trade forex more effectively and profitably.

In this article, we will explain what they are, how important they are to your trading, how you can utilize it, and if there is anything to pay attention to.


Forex signal is somewhat like a tip, or a guide, or an instruction provided by forex services, including both human analysist and computer.

These signals usually instruct subscribers on which currency pairs you should invest in, which price you should enter, when to stop loss, or when to take profit…

Forex signals are updated every minute according to real time market.

As you can see, forex signals can help you reduce your time spent on analysing the market.

You can buy forex signals to make decisions faster and easier. And isn’t that what people are doing nowadays?

Paying to get things done easier and faster. If you can utilize forex signals wisely, your profits can way outweigh the money you pay for signals.


Forex signals are put into two categories based on their functions and how they operate. Every best forex broker knows how these signals work because it help them to perform better in their job.

There are mainly two types of forex signal: manual forex signals and automatic forex signals.

  • Manual forex signals

For this type of signal, traders have to observe the charts and market trends for a very long time to give the analysis, which helps them decide on when to buy or sell pairs.

  • All the final decision are made by forex traders.
  • A trader can analyse and predict the market based on their feelings and instinct, a way that no computer can copy.
  • They heavily rely on their experience and skills to decide whether they should buy or sell.
  • Thanks to their brains, they can see patterns or predict movement that cannot be done by machines.

This is the advantage of this type of forex signal.

  • Automatic forex signals

Like its name, this type of forex signal is completely provided by robots and computer programs.

  • The human factor is totally out of the picture. These robots are programmed to predict market trends based on years of real market conditions.
  • These signals seem to be more accurate especially when the programs are made properly or by forex experts.
  • Automatic (robot) signals are provided more frequently than manual signals since robots don’t need to rest and they can work 24/7.
  • Moreover, they can process larger amount of data than human.

However, it is advised to work with both manual and automatic signals, which is the thing all professional traders do.


Forex signals come from two sources: an analyst sitting in front of a computer or a software made by experts.

Either way, they provide you with accurate predictions on market trends so that you’ll know when to buy or sell instruments.

Remember to use both of those types, decide which suits your trading style carefully, and then you’re good to go.