Currently booming market of furniture for Pets. A year ago, the house cat was only available via the Internet, it is now virtually in each pet store you can find this product.

Pet owners love their pets and strive to provide maximum comfort. A cat or a dog in any case will find himself in his favorite place and in order to become a human sofa or bed – purchased special furniture items, designed exclusively for animals.

The owners of cats and dogs happy to buy different pieces of furniture. This applies mainly to urban residents. Don’t try to sell “cat house” in the village. Learn more about such relevant and practical tricks with and grow your business in a short amount of time.

Furniture options for animals:

Types there are many. You can create demand by implementing new ideas.

  • mattresses, pads
  • sofas
  • climbing structures
  • houses
  • booth
  • cathedral
  • kompletna design (house + kortedala + Martha)
  • lager (lager + house)

All of the products created from soft material. Inside must be soft padding. It is very like animals. Outside you can do for the human eye.

When you create such furniture it is necessary to consider that the owners are primarily buying for yourself, not for cats or dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to create the furniture so that it is a universal fit for any interior.

a house for the cat under interior furniture owners

You can also explore the hottest trends in the furniture market to guess the colors and material. You can create original wall complexes of furniture for the cats, such as:

wall complex for cats

Besides creating furniture, consider options for the owners on where to put it. This will help to push them to the purchase stage of the selection.

How to sell furniture for animals?

Markets at the moment are relatively easy. Niche manufacturing such furniture filled poorly. So it is very easy to arrange through pet stores. In addition to the direct exhibition, the store can agree on the placement of the ads zootovari, blowing-pharmacies, blows-the clinics, and other places where the target buyer.

Be sure to make color catalogs of their products in retail outlets. This will significantly increase the chances of making the order for the product. Create a photo album of your products.

Make your Internet site, which hosts extensive catalogs of your products. By the way, via the Internet, you can also take orders.

How to profit from it?

Standard items of furniture are from 700 to 2000 rubles. The cost of the material 150-300 rubles. Payback over 100%. A specific amount of earnings will depend on the turnover, which you organize in your city.

In addition to the materials and tools, you will have no expenses. The production itself we can build right in your house.