Just like potty training a toddler, house training a puppy requires patience, consistency and time. Puppies do not come equipped with an innate sense of where the appropriate place to go to the bathroom is. They simply know that when they have an urge, it is time to relieve themselves. It is your job, as the intelligent and kind dog owner, to teach your dog the proper place to potty. This is generally best done without too much anger, frustration and drama on your part. By remaining calm and staying consistent, house training your puppy may turn out to be a brief process with a happy ending. Methods of House Training a Puppy 

Before getting into the points of house training, it is important to mention here is that there are a number of advertisements that have been doing the rounds for the past few weeks where there is a Shiba Inu Puppies For Sale contest where you can buy puppies of this rare breed aside from a few extra prizes for the lucky winners where they themselves can house train the puppies so as to inculcate some manners into them.

There are a number of methods that you can employ to house train a puppy. The first is to train him indoors first, and gradually work your way outside. This is done by confining your puppy to a particular area of the house, preferably a place that has a hard, easy to clean floor. Put some papers or a training pad down on the floor of that room. When you see your pup showing his €œI have to go signs, which might include sniffing the ground and running in circles, place the puppy on the papers where you want him to go. Each time he potties in the appropriate location, praise him with a €œgood dog.€ When your dog gets the hang of the papers or pads, move them closer to the door. Eventually your pup will associate the urge to potty with the need to go outside. Success is yours. Another effective way to house train a puppy is to use a crate. 

This has become a popular approach to house training a puppy in recent years for a number of reasons. First, confining your puppy will not only save your home and carpet when you are not around to watch your pup, it will also give your dog a safe place to hang out when you€™re not available to him. It will also teach your puppy that when he feels the urge to €œdo his business,€ he can hold the urge until he gets to the appropriate location. You see, most dogs will not eliminate in the same place that they sleep. So chances are good that your pup will do his absolute best not to soil his crate while he is inside. This is probably why using this method will often result in fewer accidents in the long run. House training a puppy can be a challenge, but it is far from impossible. With consistent instruction on where he is to go, and plenty of praise when he makes the good choice, your little pup will get the house training down in no time at all.