With a seemingly an endless number of choices of materials and manufacturers, how do you choose? What’s important? This article introduce you to the first things to consider. So, quickly, you’ll be able to narrow down the possibilities to a manageable set of decisions.

Roofing Components

Basically, there are two aspects when it comes to local roof restoration Melbourne (1) the waterproofing, (flashings, felt, etc. designed to keep water out and (2) the topical shingle, tile, or other roofing material which we think of as the roof – curb appeal, architectural impact, & aesthetically pleasing element.

Five Roofing Styles

Broadly speaking, there are five roof types:

  1. Wood, shake or shingle – YES!! You can still put these on, with restrictions from your local building departments, labor-intensive, expensive, limited warranty – You have to LOVE the look and performance of wood to choose this category.
  1. Asphalt composition – Here there is a great range from the minimal products used on many secondary apartment buildings, to extremely well designed and engineered, triple thick products with lifetime warranties and 120 miles an hour guarantees. These are also the most walkable roofs and you will be glad if you ever have to “tent” your house for termites.

Leadings Manufacturers Of Composition

  • Certainteed Corporation
  • Elk Corporation
  • GAF
  • Owens Corning

Concrete tiles in all shapes, textures, and colors – Here you have the greatest versatility to replicate slate or clay or wood shake and colors from natural to designer blends. Concrete tile is easy to repair if necessary, has a lifetime warranty, and is perceived by many to be an upscale look. Architects have their choice of what will carry off their theme for the house.

Leading Manufacturers Of Concrete Tile

  • Monier Lifestyle
  • Eagle Tile

Real Clay is another favorite roofing material used particularly in the West. Our company likes clay for several key reasons – because the color is baked in, it doesn’t fade, if you know how to walk on it-it is very durable and in Europe, you see it on houses for hundreds of years. And, it has a high perceived value look which can be enhanced with multiple colors and “bump up” concrete treatment.

Leading Manufacturers Of Clay

  • U S TILE

Steel – yes, there is such a thing. The latest generation of steel roofs are attractive and can be installed much easier than in years past. They are the lightest roofing material and if applied properly, equal the performance of other roofing products.

Other Considerations

Choose the roof that best suits your taste and budget. In keeping with the neighborhood, if you think you might move at some point, choose a roof that will enhance the curb appeal of the house and be welcomed by a majority of would-be buyers.

Make sure to get a detailed description of the waterproofing process, using the latest, best underlayments, caulking, sealants, etc.

Also, make sure the roof is installed to meet manufacturers’ specifications and local building codes.

IF YOU choose wisely, you will enjoy your roof, worry-free, for life.