A numerology calculation may seem somewhat complex on the surface, but the principle is really quite simple. The numeric representation is calculated down to a single digit unless it is 11 or 22, which we’ll talk about later.

In this example we are going to calculate the core element of Life Path. This number is calculated by adding all of the numbers in the birthday, using the month, day and year. So using the example of July 19, 1962, we’ll add together the first string of numbers like this: 7 (for the month)+1+9+1+9+6+2, which comes to a total of 35.

You will then add the numbers again 3+5, which equals 8. When using the charts, 8 represents material satisfaction and accomplishment with a desire for success and recognition with power. This would be the Life Path element of someone born on that day and describes the personality traits they would be likely to have.

Now let’s say that you would like to use a numerology calculation to determine your core element number for Soul Urge. This calculation is based on the vowels in your entire birth name. You would use the same methodology above using the assigned numbers for each of the vowels in your name to determine your number for this particular element.

Remember 11 and 22? These two numbers are the only numbers that are not calculated to a single digit and represent personality traits all on their own. So if you were to be performing a numerology calculation and through your number reduction you came to either one of these numbers, you would stop at the point and use whichever one you came up with.

It is these two numbers that later on come to play a huge role in deciphering as to what angel number 333 means and what significance it holds in an individual’s lifetime because life itself is governed by numerology, which provides a huge platform for its experts to work out numerous ways in shaping many lives for the better or so they think.

This same principle is used on all numerology calculations and each number represents an aspect of your personality. Combined as a whole, each number in your analysis helps to build a picture of you as an individual and highlights where you’re likely to be successful and where you’re likely to struggle in various areas of your life.

Many people use these calculations to make decisions based on their particular qualities and where the numbers show they are most likely to be successful. In addition to the core elements, there are more calculations that can be done to dig deeper into someone’s personality. These numbers further define the strength or weakness of those elements in the core analysis and show where the key personality traits can be strengthened or weakened. These numbers are called modifiers and are combined with the numbers determined in the core to complete a person’s comprehensive personality profile.

Although a numerology calculation is not subjective, the principle of numerology itself does allow for life experience to alter someone’s personality. In other words, the numbers may determine where you’re mostly likely to be in life, but life circumstances could alter or redefine that path to one degree or another.

Many believe that the combination of your analysis numbers and your life experience is what is going to determine how successful you are. You might have leadership numbers, but have a repressed upbringing. Until you change your life circumstances, reaching your potential could prove to be more difficult.