A simple and easy way to improve the look of your bathroom is to install new vanity lights. There are several varieties of vanity lights available in the market that are sure to appeal to your tastes with their varying sizes and shapes. The best part is that these vanity lights are convenient to install – all you need is an electrical box that you have already been using and in less than an hour your vanity lights will be ready to brighten up your bathroom.
Most electrical boxes are positioned right on top of a medicine cabinet or a mirror, while there are some that are found on the side.

Before you buy a fixture, there are certain things you need to look out for- ensure that it correctly fits into the space without clashing against a wall or any other obstruction. It is recommended that you read the manual properly before starting out. To install a light that is easy on the eyes, purchase a fixture that comes with a frosted diffuser and one that uses halogen bulbs.

Prior to beginning work on installing your new vanity lights, switch off the power that leads to the fixture located at the electrical service panel. Now carefully take off the bulb, and the diffuser. The next step is to take out the retaining nut that attaches the decorative cover plate to the electrical box.

If you find that the old fixture refuses to detach itself easily, use a blade or knife and run it through the edges of the plate to make it free of paint or caulk. Now you need to take the wiring off and keep the fixture aside for a while.

You will find that luminous light fixtures are usually set directly to an electrical box in older homes. Newer homes with electrical codes need the fixture to be set to a flat metal bar known as mounting strap that is attached to the box. Most of these new fixtures come with the mounting screws and strap. This makes it easier to install vanity lights.

Prior to installing the fixture, make sure that you properly check the wires that are sticking out of the box or your installation of vanity lights will go awry. With the help of a wire stripper trim off the ends if they happen to be tarnished or nicked. Now as per the instructions on the manual, attach the fixture’s wires to the wires on the circuit along with the nuts.

One should be very careful when installing vanity lights in bathrooms as chances of an electrical shock are higher owing to the water around. Carefully read up the instructions as given in the manual when you work on the ground wire. On most of these vanity lights, you will attach the ground wire to the mounting strap.

According to the instructions given in the manual, attach the fixture to the box. The last step to installing vanity lights is to fix suitable bulbs. Fix the diffuser that is usually set in position with a retaining nut or stylish cap. To avoid causing cracks to the diffuser, use only friction-tight.

Installing vanity lights can be a simple and convenient process if you follow the above-mentioned steps. The main idea is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stay safe as you decorate your bathroom with attractive vanity lights.