Whether you’re traveling on business or embarking on a fun road trip, it’s easy to stray from your healthy routine while on the road. Even a week-long trip can totally throw off your metabolism and reverse the weight loss you’ve worked for. Here are some tips to help you avoid derailing your healthy schedule.

Even if you’re traveling for fun, trips shouldn’t be treated like holidays from healthiness. If you begin your travels with a plan, you’re more likely to stick to it and not give into temptation. You should research restaurants and gyms in the area of your destination, so you know your options for healthy food and a place to work out. You can even bring portable workout equipment with you, like jump ropes, elastic bands or a TRX training system. There are always ways to exercise; you just have to plan for them.

Without snacks to tide you over every couple of hours, hunger can make those airport stands or fast food restaurants on the highway sound delicious. But you can keep those temptations at bay if you carry the right nutritious snacks:

 Breakfast cereal:

not the pure sugar of Froot Loops, but a substantial and fiber-packed cereal, is a good choice to start your trip on.


full of protein, fiber and vitamins, almonds can also help regulate weight control.


dried fruit is also an option and can be more portable. Either way, you’re getting a filling snack that also provides nutrients.

 Peanut Butter:

another protein-packed option to energize yourself. A great combination is peanut butter on apple slices.

If you’re out of snacks and want to avoid getting fast food or processed gas station snacks, look for a grocery store like a Wal-Mart or Whole Foods for more and healthier options.

This is when your workout plan comes into play. If your hotel has a gym facility, a nice area to jog in, or enough space in the room to do some floor exercises, you can mimic the workout routine you usually do at home.

You should also never forget to bring your vitamins or supplements. If you are taking a weight loss supplement, make sure to bring it with you as well. But if you are still planning to buy, you can check this page to help you out: https://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/resurge-reviews-expose-new-updated-packages-and-hidden-information/Content?oid=24851297

On road trips, it’s always a good idea to make multiple stops, even if you’re eager to make good time. Stretch, walk around, switch drivers and rest to make the ride more enjoyable. If you’re feeling adventurous and find yourself in a pretty area, you could even stop and explore or hike. But if you’re just stopping for gas or food, these are some five-minute exercises you can do to keep your metabolism going.

 – Jumping jacks

 – Lunges

 – Push ups

 – Plank

 – Squats

Do each for a minute, and you’ve done a whole workout! It’s short, but it gets your heart going and muscles working. There are also some short yoga routines you can do during breaks to keep from getting stiff and uncomfortable from sitting and/or slouching.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your trip without stressing about putting on pounds!