Your kitchen is a place for decorations. A kitchen should feel comfortable while looking great, and that is extremely hard to achieve without some accessories. Everyone wants their kitchen to reflect the personality of the people who live there, so that it feels like home. What better way to make your kitchen feel like home than to create your own decorations. Creating your own decorations has many advantages, you can save money, you can get the entire family involved with the decorating, you get to choose and make exactly what you want, and it gives you a fun craft project to do. Every kitchen should have a vase, making your own glass vase is a little complicated, so instead make your own vase out of cord. This may seem strange, but it actually has a lot of potential and a cord vase is a great way to decorate your kitchen. Making a cord vase is very simple, cheap, requires only a few materials.



-hot glue and hot glue gun



  1. The first step in making your own cord vase for your kitchen is picking out your cord. For this project to work, the cord has to be sturdy and thick. There are many options when it comes to the cord, so pick out a color that you like, but be sure that it is strong. The amount of cord you will need depends on your plans, if you want a big vase, obviously, you will need more cord than you would if you wanted a smaller vase. If you are unsure, it is always best to get more, just to be sure. With the instructions, there should be checked of the Viessmann Boilers Prices & Reviews through the person. There will be the availability of the best services for the insulated homes. 
  1. When your cord is picked out, it is time to assemble the vase. You can plan out the shape of your vase before you start making it, or you can just start and see what you feel like doing. Don’t take a great deal of time planning, this is very simple. Just get an idea in your head, and go with it.
  1. You will need to start at the bottom. Take the cord and make a small circle, and gradually increase the circle by wrapping the cord around, hot gluing the cord to the previous circle. This will form the base of your cord vase. The size is completely up to you.
  1. Once your base is built, take the cord and start to move out with it. You can make curves, or you can make a straight vase, it’s all about personal preference. Just be sure that you don’t cut the cord until you are done with your vase. If you want to make curves, all you have to do is build the cord slightly on the outside edge of the previous circle. If you want to curve your vase inward, build the cord slightly on the inside edge of the previous circle. Continue to do this until you are satisfied with your cord vase.

  1. Make sure that the top of your vase is even, and cut the cord. Your vase should be sturdy since hot glue dries very quickly. Place your new cord vase wherever it fits in your kitchen. Another option is to make another vase and create your own cord vase set. Whatever you decide, this is a great addition to your kitchen decor.