If you are looking for a unique and exclusive vacation, Lanai is perfect for you ! Untouched natural beauty and wilderness combined with the luxury of two 5-star resorts is something you won’t find elsewhere. The island has a very interesting history of transformation from early Polynesian settlement to the Dole pineapple plantation in the 1800’s, to a world-class visitor destination today. Lanai is a small island – 141 square miles with a population of around 3,000 people.

The capital, Lanai City, is located in the center of the island. The whole city with its handful of small shops can be explored in 15 minutes. It is surrounded by Norfolk pines and pineapple fields, and you can even take a tour of the pineapple plantation. Two of the most beautiful places on Lanai are Kaiolohia (the Shipwreck Beach) and Garden of the Gods. <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>The Shipwreck Beach , stretching for miles on the northern side of the island, got its nickname from many shipwrecks caused by strong currents and coral reefs. The trip to the beach is just as scenic as the beach itself. As you drive to the top of a steep hill and then descend to the ocean, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and the islands of Maui and Molokai. You will also see a World War II liberty ship still resting on the dangerous reefs.

Shipwreck Beach is excellent for beachcombing, picnicking, sunbathing, and fishing from the shore. Hardy beachcombers can continue eight miles north to Polihua Beach, a crescent shaped white sand beach accessed only by four wheel drive.

<FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>The Garden of the Gods, described as eery, beautiful and spiritual, was sculpted by raging forces of nature. Its amazing, bizarre collection of rocks and lava formations looks completely out-of-this-world as the sunlight changes the colors and odd shadows throughout the day. At sunset, the red earth displays a spectrum of desert colors. This site was once considered a heiau (sacred spot) by ancient Hawaiians and the Garden of the Gods’ mystique continues to attract visitors today.

On the South Shore of the island you will find magnificent <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Manele Bay and Hulopoe Bay. Both bays offer the best snorkeling in Hawaii. Abundant tropical fish, dolphins leaping out of the water, and amazing corals make it unforgettable. In winter time you can also watch the whales in Lanai’s coastal waters. Hulopoe Beach is the island’s most beautiful white sand beach. It is a great place for bodysurfing and swimming. Manele Bay has a popular beach park and a small boat harbor – the main port for all water excursions (whale watching, sailing, scuba diving). You can take a boat to the Cathedrals – dramatic underwater coral spires that rise almost 70 feet to the water surface.

Between Hulopo’e and Manele Bay is the striking towering monolith Pu’u Pehe, also known as <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Sweetheart Rock. There is a beautiful sad legend about Pu’u Pehe. There once lived a beautiful maiden Pehe, so beautiful that her husband kept her hidden in a sea cave. They lived together happily until one day, when Pehe was alone in the cave, a storm surf surged into the cave drowning her. The husband buried her atop an isolated rock island (now named Pu’u Pehe), and then, in his grief, jumped of the rock to his death. With the services of Leiebilnord, the best car rental services are available. The information should be the best one for the benefits of the people. The traveling of the people will become comfortable and enjoyable with less spending of money. The information is the right one for the car renting services. 

Hiking throughout Lana’i is superb. Try the <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Munro Trail – a scenic seven mile hike that takes you through mountain grasslands and rainforests to the top of Mount Lanaihale (3,370 feet high). While on the trail, you will get stunning views of the entire island of Lanai and 3 other islands in the Hawaiian chain. Explore <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Luahiwa area known for its rich history. Luahiwa Petroglyphs can be reached only by a short, steep climb. These petroglyphs are the best preserved ones on the Hawaiian Islands. Another excellent hiking spot is <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Kaunolu in southwest Lanai. Kaunolu is an ancient Hawaiian fishing village where you can look for more petroglyphs and the rocky debris of what once was King Kamehameha’s summer retreat. There is also a temple that used to be a pu’uhonua (sanctuary) for Hawaiians who broke the taboo or where pursued by enemies.

Other popular ways of exploring the Private Isle, besides hiking, are horseback riding and four wheel driving. The are only 33 miles of paved road on Lanai, the rest is four-wheel drive county. The island’s dirt roads lead you to places of wild beauty !

Lanai has two luxury hotels which are very different from each other so you can choose your vacation between ocean and highlands. <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Manele Bay Hotel is an oceanfront resort that offers multiple watersports and marvelous ocean vistas. <FONT FACE=”Comic Sans MS”,”Times New Roman”>Lodge at Koele is more land-oriented and features many sports and activities including horseback riding and mountain biking. Both hotels will offer you a world-class selection of things to do. There are two gorgeous golf courses – The Experience at Koele, a dramatic mountain course known for its contrasts, and the Challenge at Manele, where every hole guarantees an ocean view.

Lanai is the island of exquisite romance and charm. On its 141 square miles you will find country dirt roads and deserted plantations, and elegant, most exclusive resorts. Lanai’s beaches and canyons are pristine hideaways just as they were thousand years ago. This island still holds the mystery of old Hawaii along with the luxury of modern world.