The latest Pokemon Go update has finally arrived. While many trainers are still waiting for the new tracking feature to make its debut, Niantic has quietly been making improvements to the game. The latest Pokemon Go update isn’t a groundbreaking one, but the changes in the game improve the experience overall and with these Pokemon go account for sale you can feel that yourself.

The newest and latest Pokemon Go update upgrades the game version to 0.41.2 for Android and 1.11.2 for iOS devices. Niantic has also activated the CAPTCHA system for trainers that have been flagged or suspected of cheating. The latest development has effectively shut down all third-party trackers as well.

Want the lowdown on the changes included in the latest Pokemon Go update? Check them out below.

Latest Pokemon Go update changes

New Gym Training System 

As we previewed in our previous post, the Pokemon Go gym training system has been completely overhauled. You can now bring six Pokemon into battle when training up your gym. Needless to say, it’s easier than ever to train gyms.

Not only can you bring six Pokemon to train your gym, but the CP of the defending gym Pokemon will also be adjusted. There’s going to be a lot of prestigious 10 gyms in the very near future.

Catch Bonuses

There’s now additional bonuses and changes to the medal system. These bonuses will make it easier for trainers to catch Pokemon in the wild. The latest Pokemon Go update will help players with Pokemon that happen to have a high flee rate. It’s great news for players in rural areas as well, who don’t happen to have enough choice among the Pokemon in the wild they discover.

New Egg / Incubator screens 

Part of the latest Pokemon Go update will also bring changes to the graphics on the egg and incubator screens. These changes are centered around stopping players from placing eggs into gyms. The gym egg defender glitch has long been exploited, and the latest Pokemon Go update fixes that.

Decreased Evolution Time 

Along with the graphical changes to Pokemon Go, Niantic has also lowered the amount of time it takes to evolve Pokemon. We haven’t tried the evolution shut down trick since, however, the reduction in time saves roughly 3-5 seconds.

Additional minor fixes to Pokemon Go – Some of the other changes included in the latest Pokemon Go update improve the overall look and feel of the game. Changes to the game audio and fixes to text are among the changes.