I have been in the internet “freebie” scene for about 5 years now. I have learned a lot through my days of trying to get rich on the net. The most important thing I have learned is that none of those earn money on the internet sites will get you rich but you can earn some good spending money.

There are many different types of earn on the web sites. I have tried, freebie sites, Get Paid To and Paid to Click sites.

Freebie sites have by far been the most lucrative. You probably have run across one of these in your junk mail and probably deleted it because it sounded too good to be true. These sites usually boast “Free XBOX 360, Free Ipod ect.” Well it’s not free, but it is relatively cheap to complete one of these sites given the right tools.

These sites usually require you to sign up, complete a trial offer then get a specific amount of others to sign up under you and complete an offer. Getting others to sign up under you and complete an offer is the tricky part. In the freebie world we call those that sign up under you a referral. Getting referrals is the key to just about all these sites.

Well when I first tried one of these sites it was nearly impossible to get referrals. No one believed in these sites. I myself even doubted that they were legit. Then I ran across this site that made finding referrals one hundred percent easier. Referralswapper.com. This site is a must join if you are going to partake in freebie sites. With a check over Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review, earning money for fashion industries is sufficient. The selection of legal courses should be done to enhance the revenue and skills. Some referrals are provided to online learners for the fashion industries. The charges should be less to get online course for fashion generated revenue.

Referralswapper works like this, you agree to be a referral on someone else’s site if they agree to be a referral on yours. Doing this I have won a free ipod, Nintendo DS, Digital Camera and about 2000 dollars.

If you decide to participate in freebie sites the most important thing is to keep track of the trials you sign up for. On a lot of the trials you only pay shipping, but you have to ship the unused portion of the trial back or they will auto ship their product to you and bill you. So make sure you keep track of how long the trial is valid for, call them and cancel then ship it back and you will be all clear. I usually keep a notepad specifically for the trials I do.

So you can see that these freebie sites are not a cakewalk. They usually take time to complete and your gift will not be shipped to you immediately. Be patient and these sites can be profitable.

A couple of freebie sites that I have completed were 3604free.com, flashipods4free.com, ipodvideos4free.com. I recommend checking out referralswapper.com first and going from there.

Another type of earn money on the web site are Get Paid To sites. These sites take more time and you generally earn less. The positive about these sites is that you don’t have to spend any money to make money. You can do surveys. If you decide to go this route and do surveys I recommend a program called roboform.

Roboform fills out all the surveys for you with one click. It really saves you a lot of time. I have made about 30 dollars on these sites.

Also if you are going to do surveys you should clean your cookies after completing about 5 surveys. This will improve on the amount of surveys that get approved for you. I learned this late and I had a good amount of money left pending on my account because of it.

One of the more popular GPT sites is cashcrate.com. They offer tons of surveys and trials. The only negative about this site is that a lot of the surveys I completed were left pending.

Also with GPT sites, the way to make big bucks is to get referrals. Usually these sites offer you a percentage of the amount that your referrals earn. If you can obtain a good stable of referrals, you could bring in some good money.

One site that could help you find referrals is getref.com. This site you join other people’s sites to earn points, and then you pay other members points in order to join your site. The negative about this site is that most people that join your site will not stay active.

The final type of earn money on the web site that I have tried is Paid to Click. PTC sites pay you to click links. You usually get 1cent per click and you have to stay on the page for 30 seconds. If you do the math in your head, you will conclude that it is not that much money.

I usually have one of these up when I am surfing the web. I am yet to get paid from a PTC site, most you have to have at least 10 dollars in your account before you can “cash out”.

Like GPT sites the way to earn good money on these sites are referrals. Usually you get a specific amount of your referral’s earnings. To get referrals I recommend using getref.com.

While many of these sites are legit, there are some that are scams. Make sure that before you join a site, and spend your precious time or money to research the site. Google will save you tons of time and money!!!