African cichlid is one of the most popular species of fish belonging to the Cichlidae family. They are the most colorful, strong, and active fishes. African cichlid is commonly found in various lakes of Africa including, Tanganyika, Malawi, and Victoria lake. Aquarist loves to keep African cichlids due to their interesting behavior, but many times they also show aggressive behavior. There are a few methods to reduce their aggression.

Integrating fishes of similar size and Temperament

African Cichlids are found in a wide variety of sizes. Nowadays, Aquarists prefer to buy African cichlids online. They can buy fishes of similar size. It becomes more helpful if all fishes have the almost same temperament. Because if a highly aggressive fish is kept with docile ones, there are chances that aggression will rapidly work on the other fishes. Therefore, Temperament and Size become an important factor before keeping fishes together in an aquarium.

Combining fishes of different coloration and patterns

It’s believed that African cichlids are the Rival of their species. They found the other fishes of their species through color and pattern. Therefore, to avoid any kind of battle between them, fishes of different colors and patterns can be put together.

Giving them adequate food

Inappropriate and insufficient food is one of the major reasons for their aggressive behavior. As food is a basic survival need and when there would be less food, they fight with each other for survival. If they get a sufficient amount of food on time, their aggression will ultimately reduce.

Provide appropriate horizontal space and cover

It’s important to give them proper space in the aquarium to avoid any kind of conflict. Putting various rocks lead to numerous caves and there will be fewer chances of conflict among fishes. The horizontal spacing provides them more space to live in the aquarium.

These factors can help to reduce the aggression in the African cichlids. They are one of the favorites of the aquarists.