So you finally have an MP3 player, and you’re ready for Free MP3 Downloads. Lists of songs a mile-long occupy your thoughts as you hook up your new gem to your PC. You create a playlist to download to your MP3 player, hit the button, and VOILA! Nothing happens. A more common occurrence than you might think. In general, most MP3 players and PSP’s download music using the same steps to get from Point A (no music) to Point B (lots of music). Although this guide is not for every single player there is available, you will find that it does work with many of them. If this guide fails to work for you, try searching the product name for its main website, where you should be able to find information on how to successfully download.

Using your USB cable, hook your MP3 player to your computer through the USB connection. Most players will automatically detect a connection for you as soon as you plug it into your computer, but if you are using a PSP you must search for the connection manually. When manually searching, look for USB CONNECT or USB MODE as an option, this should bring you to the next point. Your computer will, likewise, detect that your MP3 player is hooked up to it. It might show your player as a removable hard disk if you are operating Windows XP or Mac. Older operating systems will require a bit more patience when it searches for your device.

Now the fun part! Finding music on your computer can be a horrifying task. If you already know where they are located, I applaud you! For those of you who don’t (and that includes me) go to Start gt; Search gt; Pictures, Music, Or Video gt; Music. Then click on the search. This should show you where most, if not all, music files are stored on your computer. It might make it easier to move them all to a specific folder as you find them. Once you have all of your songs handy, I suggest unplugging the USB cable from your computer then plug it back in. This may cause your player to automatically find any files that you may have missed.

Owning and using MP3 players shouldn’t be a love/hate relationship. Once you get the hang of downloading music efficiently, it won’t take long before you realize that you have no more space on your player and there are songs that you just have to get on there! Enjoying your newfound friendship with your gadget can be trying at times, but hang in there!