If you are dreaming of having your own vegetable garden in your backyard then you must follow my three important tips for growing vegetable garden. Before discussing how you can plant your own vegetable garden. Let’s discuss some of its advantages first:

  • None With your own vegetable garden you can avoid harmful chemicals that are used on the vegetables you eat.
  • None Fresh vegetables will be available for cooking and eating raw during harvesting season.
  • None Availability of vegetables. You can store a large number of vegetables or you can freeze it for its availability in all seasons.

I think these advantages are enough for encouraging you to have your own vegetable garden. You can grow your own vegetable garden by following below mentioned 3p’s:

The first step is planning. In this phase, you will consider things like the location of your garden and the time you can devote to taking care of it. Location is important because a sufficient amount of sunlight is required throughout the day by plants. The requirement of sunlight varies according to the type of vegetable plant. While selecting a proper location you must also plan your space wisely. A correct amount of space is also required for the proper growth of vegetables. If you are planning to plant a single vegetable garden then you can do it in a small space. While if you are planning to plant 3 or 4 different vegetables in the same garden, you will need a lot of space. The best option is to start planting in small spaces. Try to plant a smaller amount of different vegetables.

The next step is preparation. Basically in this phase preparation of the soil is considered. You must prepare the soil with organic matters. A sufficient amount of nutrients is required by vegetables. For producing quality crop you must prepare your soil before planting.

Planning is completed and all the preparations are also completed. Now come towards the last phase which is planting the vegetables. In this phase, you will start planting vegetable garden seeds on newly prepared soil.

If you are planting vegetables in traditional form, you just have to sprinkle seeds on the surface and cover them with a thin layer of soil. If you are using starter seedling plants for your vegetable garden, you have to make a hole on the surface, put your starter plant in the hole and cover it with the soil.

Once planting is completed it means that shortly you will have your own vegetable garden. But the work is not completely finished yet. It’s important that after planting you must take good care of your vegetable garden for its proper growth. You must provide your garden required amount of water and also safeguard your plants from pests and weeds.