Tarot reading is an ancient art form based on luck. It isn't something that you draw out a
random card, and then it tells you what will happen three days from now on. Tarot reading is
an art that can be performed by experienced readers only. However, concerning your true self,
if you do believe in the same, you would get a wonderful insight into your life.

It doesn't just tell you about the future. It explains your present and your past as well. Tarot
reading, astrology, numerology are those forms of art that were attached to magic in ancient
folklores. Although it is believed that magic did exist in the past or it does happen somewhere
deep inside the jungles and natural habitat of people, it has been defeated from the surface of
the earth. If it didn't, how can we imagine things as complex as mana?
Is the 7-card Tarot reading true?
It depends on what you believe in it. It all depends on what you imagine it to be and what you
want from the same. It all depends on your power of imagination and the power to know
what's hidden from you.

Take out your favourite deck and think about the summer ahead of you. You must realise that
this is actually the best thing for you which is to visualise everything. Now, pick out seven cards
from the deck at random and then check your readings. They would be as mentioned as
● Learn about Cancer's strategy and its role in your life.
● Learn how you can harness Leo's energy.
● What's in it for Virgo?
● Your sun sign.
● How to get out of your comfort zone.
● What needs to be burned?
● Look how it affects your personal life.