You may or may not already know the facts but here they are again:

  1. Google controls more than 60% of the search traffic on the internet and thus, largely determines the pages which internet users visit.
  1. Google runs Google AdSense from which web publishers can earn revenue from having ads displayed on their pages and from when visitors click on the ads.
  1. The article websites to which you publish usually have Google ads displayed alongside their articles.
  1. These article websites are highly ranked by Google and receive a lot of traffic from the Google search engine.

So you know the above points, but do you know why they matter?

Article websites work by getting writers to submit articles to them. They usually pay these writers certain sums of money for certain numbers of article views such as a $1 for a thousand (1000) views. One article website may have hundreds of thousands of writers who have submitted millions of articles to it. How then, can it afford to pay all these writers? Yes, the millions of articles submitted by you (and other writers like you) generate massive amounts of traffic from which the websites earn huge amounts of ad revenue.

Would you like to earn money from your writing just as these sites do? Here are a number of reasons why you should.

Reasons Why You Should Write For Writing Websites That Pay Through Google Adsense

  1. A single click on an ad can be worth as much as $1 or even more. (It could also be less than $1 and depends on the earning strength of the keywords in the article you have written). Several clicks from a certain amount of article views can generate a lot more income than you would make from getting paid just for that amount of views. Therefore, you will not have to wait to garner a thousand views just to be paid one dollar.
  1. You also get paid when visitors visit your articles and do not click on the ads. This is because some ads generate revenue per impression and you earn just for the ads showing on your article. As some sites promise to pay you a fixed amount for a certain amount of page views, so also you can generate income from AdSense per page view.
  1. You can determine the earning power of your articles yourself by writing articles with keywords that generate more revenue per click or per impression. This is in contrast to websites that pay fixed amounts for all page views despite the fact that some of your articles generate a lot of more ad revenue for them than others do.
  1. You get paid by Google itself. This is important for writers who reside in countries that cannot receive PayPal payments (which is how most writing websites pay their writers). Google can send payments to writers in any country.

The following are some of the websites that pay writers through Google AdSense

  • HubPages:

HubPages can be called the flagship of article websites that allow you to earn through Google AdSense. It is the main model through which its writers make money. It works as follows:

– You enter your AdSense publisher ID as required.

– You earn 100% of the generated revenue when a visitor clicks on the Google ads on the pages of your articles.

– Google also pays just for displaying ads on a website. This is the ad revenue that HubPages shares with you. The Hubber (which is what a writer on HubPages is called) receives 60% of the generated revenue and HubPages receives 40% or thereabouts.

– You receive your payout directly from Google.

  • Helium:

Helium recently introduced another method of earning on its website called How-To Guides. The How-To Guides allow you to add your individual AdSense publisher ID and then, you can earn revenue from displayed ads. (You have to apply and be accepted as a How-To Guide writer on Helium before you can utilize this earning opportunity). You receive your payout directly from Google.

  • Triond:

Triond also recently introduced Google AdSense as a means of earning revenue on its article websites. Triond splits the revenue generated from the Google ads displayed on your articles 50/50 with you. You receive your payout directly from Google.

  • Xomba:

Xomba shares the revenue from ads with the writer in much the same way that Triond does. It is also split 50/50 between the writer and Xomba. You receive your payout directly from Google.

Suite 101 and Squidoo also share ad revenue with the writer but do not disclose what percentage of the revenue the writer earns. They do not work in the same manner as the above-mentioned sites as they do not require writers to enter their individual AdSense publisher IDs. What they claim to do is to pay the writer from the total generated ad earnings and you cannot monitor or determine what your articles really earn. You are not paid by Google. Read More on Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews.