Growing medical cannabis can be very exciting, I mean, come on, this is cool! But unfortunately too many people seem to let this excitement get them to doing some stupid things. Below I have listed some common mistakes made by many beginners to growing medical marijuana (as well as someone with a few grows under their belt). Hopefully this post will help save you of a ton of frustration as well as loads of cash.

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  • Mms The Word

It’s very exciting to see your little girls start to get big but keep it to yourself. The beginner grower needs to force themselves to not go around bragging about their crop. You should be the only one that knows about your grow. If your friends ask were you keep on getting this incredible herb just say they had it at one of the medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • Keep it Simple

You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on marijuana grow equipment. There is so much advertising out there telling you need to buy their product or you will have a crappy harvest. Most of that stuff is just to get you to buy it. If you are serious about growing medical marijuana then here’s the thing. You will be much better off to master the basics (light, air, water, nutrients) before trying to get real elaborate. Someone who has got it down will grow much more and much better smoke from a well set up indoor grow closet, then someone with a expensive system who doesn’t have a clue what the hell their doing. Another thing, you don’t need a dozen bottles of nutrients, any of the all-purpose plant foods will work. Just make sure the first number (nitrogen) is larger if your plants are in the vegetation stage. Then after you have switched them to the 12-12 cycle and they have stopped stretching then switch to a plant food with the second number (phosphorus) is larger for the flowering cycle. Most of these should have plenty of trace nutrients for your girls. One bottle I would recommend would be a good Cal/Mag solution. This should be readily available at your local grow shop.

  • A Little bit can be Too Much

As first time growers, when mixing your nutrients it is very tempting to add just a little bit more. But this could be a serious mistake. Too much fertilizer and you will fry your precious plants. Your plants can only utilize so much. You don’t need to feed every watering. Try feeding full strength one day, then the next two watering’s maybe 25%. Read the label for ratio and mixing instructions. Don’t fertilize new starts until after the first two spiked leaves appear and then at only 25% strength. Also you should start a log of your feeding/watering schedule, this will make it so much easier to keep on track and not overdo it.

  • Keep it Clean

You will want to keep your grow space clean, this will help you avoid bugs. Many pests are attracted to dead plant material. Make sure to remove any dead leaves or clippings that may have fallen to the floor. Also you should never bring any tools from outside into your grow. That’s a very common way to bring in the creepy crawlies. Don’t go into your marijuana grow room after working in the yard or handling house plants either, as this is another very easy way for them to get in! You want as much light hitting your little babies, so make sure to keep your reflecting surfaces as clean as possible. This will help keep the amount of wasted light, as low as possible. Mold and Fungus can come from too much moisture. Wipe up any spills that may have happened during watering, and don’t over water!

  • Lift the Pot

The cannabis plant loves lots of water, but also plenty of oxygen. When you water your crop, the water pushes the oxygen out of the soil, but as the soil begins to dry, new oxygen is brought to the root and this lets the roots breath. If you don’t let your soil dry out a bit, the roots will start to suffocate and then rot! One of the best ways not to over water is to lift the pot. This is the most reliable way to check if it’s time to water. When you fill your pot with fresh soil, actually pick it up and feel how heavy it is. Then simply water as normal and pick it up again and notice how much heavier it is. SO when your plants start to feel light (like the fresh soil did) then it should be ok to water.

  • Let it Grow

You don’t want to harvest your sweet herb too soon. Your harvest won’t be nearly as large as it could have been. I know it’s very tempting, but did you know that about 25% of the total weight of your buds is gained in the last two weeks of growth. Wait until your plants have stopped growing. You will want to keep an eye on all the little white hairs (the pistils), when they’re about 75% brown you should be ready for harvest.

  • Let it Dry

After we have spent so much time and effort growing our medicine, we are excited to try it out but we need to wait. We want smooth, flavorful smoke here, not harsh smoke that tastes like hay or green grass. The sticky resin all over our buds needs to dry out a while, before it becomes the sparkly little crystals that we all love so much. Also the THC actually increases as we dry our smoke (to a point) because it changes after being exposed to the air and drying. The hay taste come mainly from your buds still being damp or green. So let your medical cannabis dry nice and slow and you will be very pleased with your results.