For several years, people have been looking for advice from physicians and nutritionists about vitamins and minerals. But no one has been capable of providing a good explanation that truly aids these individuals. One of the things that I have learned is that if one takes many vitamins, then he would wind up with something called expensive urine.

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The reason for me calling it expensive urine is because your body will only take in 15 % of the vitamin supplements that you take, assuming that you do not have a deficiency in any specific nutrient. The rest of the supplements is excreted through urine, that is why I called it expensive urine. Only 10 to 15 percent of the vitamins from the supplements would be absorbed by the body. The balance would go down the drain. Therefore if the supplements are costing you 10$ you would be flushing out 8.50$ down the drain each time. I think that you can use that cash on food. The human body prefers taking in food, breaking it down, and taking the nutrients that it requires.

You ought to always keep in mind that you’re dealing with a cave person’s body. You should not depend too heavily on supplements and give credit to the vitamins in your food. So how about people who take in supplements each day? Does it make those supplements beneficial or is it more than required for the body? It all relies upon on whether your body is getting the different nutrients and vitamins which are required by it. If you are consuming more than 1600 calories a day and are eating a whole range of food then you’ll be wasting your money by taking supplements and making your urine expensive.

Taking one vitamin supplement pill every day which has 100% of the recommended dietary allowances of nutrients and vitamins will not do any harm. I would recommend you take one multivitamin pill which has 100p.c of the RDA for all vitamins and minerals each day. I have even got queries from individuals who think that taking vitamin supplements would balance out what they don’t consume right in their diet. Several people have to know what they have to consume to have a balanced diet. The vitamin supplement won’t damage your body if it has 100percent of the RDA for each nutrient in the supplement. There is RDA for each vitamin and mineral. There will be a calculated amount of every nutrient for every pill and what percent each pill will contribute to the RDA on the bottle’s label.

Vitamins are like catalysts, they assist in the chemical reaction. They even aid to prevent nutritional deficiency and for an individual with a diet that has lesser than 1200 calories, vitamin supplements could be very useful as they supply the missing nutrients that are not available in the diet.