Most patients used to have to go in and order from a dispensary themselves. Now a whole self of apps such as Leafy, Weed Maps, and Quil can tell you what strains are best for your condition, which retailers nearby have them, how to order, and how to select delivery. California consumers have tons of options. It will even arrive at your door in the time it takes to order a pizza. How convenient is that? This is the latest piece in an overall trend of tech taking front and center in the industry. In California, the medical sphere topped out at $1.1 billion last year. Donald P. Land is a professor at UC, Davis and a scientific consultant for the marijuana industry. He says as cannabis becomes more mainstream, investment dollars flow more freely and businesses owners relax. They feel free then to invest some of their capital into their enterprises in new and different ways, including infusing tech to make their operation more efficient, effective, and for retailers to improve their customer experience.

Urban Aroma aims at improving the experience of the customers. The results are effective and efficient for the people. The collection of the details is essential for the people. The investment of the money is at the right product to get the desired results. The maintenance of good health is possible for the people. 

Testing for quality control is also seeing more and more technology driven innovations. Dr. Land’s firm Steep Hill has recently launched a testing device known as QuantaCann II. This mobile lab can tell in minutes the moisture and potency content of cannabis. Testing is particularly important where medical marijuana is concerned. Not only does it need to be free of pests, mold, microbes, and harsh chemicals, patients with certain conditions seek out specific strains. They want the kind that contains optimal levels of specific cannabinoids or compounds in cannabis such as CBD, CBN, CBC, and THC. Terpinoids are another consideration.

Before this tech infusion, patients found which strains worked best through simple trial and error. Today, plants undergo not only extensive chemical testing but genetic testing as well. Most businesses have been aimed at retailers or dispensaries. But now ancillary businesses are targeting growers, too. Take GenKit. This product can take a leaf and determine the plant’s sex. That is helpful for growers who want to ensure they are getting sensimilla plants. These are the female version of cannabis which produces a higher yield. As liberalization marches on, more and more technical innovations are bound to come online in the marijuana industry.