Starbucks? Sure, Indianapolis has those. Who doesn’t actually? But each city seems to have its fair share of trendy, hipster places where the atmosphere matters at least as much as the flavor of its espresso. And Indy is no exception. And This Site will tell you all about the best coffee shops in Indianapolis.

For those looking for the best spots in Indianapolis, a trip around has to start at The Abbey, which is the oldest coffee shop in the area. It is very popular locally for its amazing vegan and vegetarian menu. And while these choices are sure to please some, there are also other dishes that all can enjoy. Food choices include the typical sandwiches and wraps as a standard coffee shop, but these come complete with hummus, black beans, salsa, eggplant, and other offbeat choices.

The atmosphere is also nice, especially for customers seeking Wi-Fi access. The wireless is free here and there is a myriad of outlets to be found, rather than hunting all that single holy grail of electricity. The furniture is a mix and match of church pews and chairs fixed around tables of various sizes and shapes. It’s an eclectic blend that works considering the overall feel. The Abbey is located at 825 N Pennsylvania St. and can be reached at (317) 269-8426.

If you are wanting the upscale, Starbucks sort of vibe, yet want to retain a less franchise feel, then Hubbard Craven’s is for you. Located at 4930 N. Pennsylvania St., the coffee here is good and the pastries are nice. H C; allows you to enjoy a clean, modern atmosphere with a lot of metal and modern art. The tables and chairs are straight out of Ikea and yet there is somehow a local feel to it all.

A bit further north in the Broad Ripple neighborhood is the Monon Coffee Company, located at 920 E. Westfield Blvd. The artsy feel of its neighbors has seeped into the decor here and the feeling here is really relaxed. It’s a great place to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the middle of a great neighborhood. The coffee itself is not the best here, but it makes up for what it lacks in its charm. Monon is also another free Wi-Fi spot.

Finally, one of the best little spots to grab a cup of coffee in the downtown area is for those shoppers who need a break from the famous Circle Center Mall. The Nordstrom’s department store actually has their own little coffee shop at 49 W. Maryland St. Seating and menu choices are very limited, however, the feel and food are both very good. It’s the ideal place to take a break from all of the insanity of downtown shopping.