Medical Marijuana is a term used to denote the administration of Marijuana for “debilitating” medical conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, etc., or severe conditions with symptoms that can be eased by the use of the drug – severe pain and nausea, seizures, multiple sclerosis, et al. There are important clauses and rules in effect since the year 2000 that the Colorado Marijuana Clinic wants every medical marijuana patient to be aware of, lest the patient or its parent/primary caregiver do something unlawful and punishable.

Before a patient can buy weed online for their medical condition, it is necessary to ask his physician for three things:

  1. The risks and benefits of medical use of Marijuana, especially in relation to the patient’s debilitating condition.
  2. A written documentation signed by the physician stating that the patient has a debilitating condition that calls for the medical administration of Marijuana.
  3. A patient should also never procure marijuana unless he receives the registry identification card.

Without procuring the above, no patient should self-medicate himself with Marijuana, according to the laws of the state, states the Colorado Marijuana Clinic. The section does not provide protection to any patient or caregiver to acquire, sell, manufacture and produce, distribute or dispense, or transport Marijuana for any use which is not medical.

A patient and his caregivers should also remember that Marijuana seized from them by local authorities should immediately be returned once the district attorney proves that the patient is entitled to such protection by the amendment. Confidentiality is a primary concern among many patients, and under no circumstances will any medical facility, marijuana dispensary, or the Colorado Marijuana Clinic will reveal the patient’s names and identity.

Once a patient’s conditions are not debilitating anymore, he is required to return his identification card. No patient may possess more than two ounces of medical marijuana, and no more than six marijuana plants, with three or fewer flowering with mature seeds. The use of Marijuana is strictly prohibited in view of the general public or in public places. For patients under the age of eighteen, two physicians have to diagnose debilitating medical conditions. Notwithstanding all of this, the amendment was to provide medical patients with a reprieve from their conditions, and most clauses can be “bent”, if and only if the patient’s medically debilitating conditions required so.