UC browser is one of the well-known digital media and entertainment groups that belong to Alibaba digital. UC Browser has launched its new offer in which they are offering 20 GB free storage in the in-cloud drive to their customers. Signup to the UC browser is very easy by using a Gmail or Facebook account. The cloud storage of UC browser comes with a new feature of saving to drive where the users have the option to save online downloads. This would also ensure the data saving and that data can be utilized later on in any mobile device.

The content that is saved can be later accessed from any mobile device without any difficulty. All the downloaded content will be directly saved to the cloud storage space. It’s expected that this strategy will be attracted to more customers to use the UC browser. The UC browser will become a perfect tool for managing files. The UC browsers also provide the facility to synchronize any file in the mobile and this can be accessed by multiple people at a time.

UC browser is giving full competition to Amazon drive and google drive that provides free storage of 5 GB to 15 GB. The UC browsers are unique and will capture a great number of users in the following years with this amazing offer. Users can easily save songs, videos, files, and many more without spending a lot of amounts on mobile data.

As the space on mobile is limited and users find it difficult to download and save all their favorite and important videos and files. UC brewers solve their problem without any extra cost and without running out of space in their mobile. According to one of the recent research, the UC browsers has been globally used by more than 1.1 billion users.