Family trips are fun, but they can also be stressful owing to the extensive discussions that are involved when selecting a holiday destination. A similar thing happened in my family; I was itching to go on vacation but had no idea where to go until one of my children introduced me to Marco Island. Yes, I had the same feeling as you just did, Islands; what do people do on islands if not swimming, play in the sand, and collect meaningless shells? But hold for a second, this island is not what you believe; simply read this article to see why.

About sand dollar shelling

So my child requested that Sand Dollar Shelling organize a shelling vacation to some hidden islands deep within the 10,000 Islands, where more undisturbed valuable and rare seashells can be found. We went shelling with this company since they offer boat tours for shelling, fishing, and dolphin adventures in Southwest Florida.

Furthermore, my permission is based on the fact that these shelling expeditions are not only exciting and adventurous but also informative. This tour, conducted by Captain Joey, will teach you about the local islands, fauna, and even some of the history of the area. Isn’t it a wise mother who does this for her children?

Moreover, that isn’t all. Rare and precious shells, such as the Junonia Shell, which is worth more than $100, can be found on this island. Fortunately, I came upon one and collected several other uncommon shells in the bucket provided by the tour organization. This shelling excursion has transformed my perspective on the islands and seashells.


It was the most thrilling, cheap, and adventurous trip I have ever taken, and it was well worth the money. I recommend that you make this shelling excursion a part of your next vacation.