Stickers are a great way to make the customers aware of the brand, creating curiosity about the product line, maintaining consistency and despite all of its amazing features; it comes at a very low price which is very much accessible to everyone. However, there is a certain way to apply stickers perfectly. Here are the seven important steps which should be used while applying the kleebised:

  • Before applying the window stickers, always make sure the window film is flat which means it doesn’t fold or bend.
  • Applying the window stickers in daylight or direct sunlight and low temperature ideally around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius can be a very important step.

  • Ensuring that the window is clean and with no paint, grease, or dirt. If any of these are still there on the window, then it will be visible even after applying the window sticker.
  • Cleaning the surrounding area is also important like the window frame itself. If the place is near the ground or ceiling then make sure there are no insects and dirt.
  • While applying the window sticker, using the supplied card and squeegee over the application transfer tape on the front of the sticker for the window to increase the binding.
  • Now, after cleaning it’s time to start applying, so removing the backing paper properly can be challenging however in this step, taking time is appreciated as most of the mistakes occur in this. And when the film has letters, cutouts, or elements, it becomes more important to be careful while removing the backing paper to ensure proper application.
  • Last step but also an important step that pressing the bubbly edge which might occur in the process of application. Using proper adhesive tools to give the sticker enough strength to remain on the window. In this way, the kleebised will be applied properly and can be easily replaced whenever the need comes.