Weight loss has been a very popular topic for the past ten years. Right now there are around 250,000 global monthly searches for this phrase (Google only), and according to statistics, those numbers are rising. There is a positive and a negative side to this. More searches means there are more overweight people. The positive side is there are more people wanting change.

Another big problem is people wanting to burn the fat as fast as possible and with no efforts. This is not how the world works. There is no magic trick, no secret. It’s not a one time thing – you have to stick to it for the rest of your life. Some people have fast metabolism – they eat and they eat, but they just can’t gain weight. Others eat as little as they can, but it’s just not working. You can blame your genes for that, but blaming will get you nowhere.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter what genes you have, how fast your metabolism is, if you really want to do something positive for your body, you will succeed. That’s the key. That’s the big secret everyone is talking about – Determination.

Here are a few tips for you:

 Create goals –

You can’t achieve anything unless you have some goals. But don’t think of something ridiculous, because that can cause lack of motivation. A reasonable goal is to lose 10 kilos for five or six months. Permanently. It is absolutely possible, it is not something hard and when you succeed you will get even more motivated. With time your goals will become bigger, for shorter periods.


A really good motivator is making your “then and now” pictures. It sounds silly, but because you are watching yourself every day, you might not see the changes. But taking a picture and looking it a few months from now, you will see the real changes. For even better results add your measurements on the back of the photo. Use a tape measure and your scales.

Work it out –

Many people think that food is the most important thing. It is really important, but it will get you only this far. You need to exercise a lot. Running, swimming, rope jumping – all great ways to burn some fat. Sex is good, too. We live busy lives, but most of the time we sit on our buttocks, in front of computers or TVs. Your organism needs movement. By exercising you are burning the calories you’ve consumed during the day. Even if you don’t have time to run every day, just walk. Go to your workplace on foot, go shopping – just walk. And for the people who are really motivated – go to the gym and do some real work done.

Don’t starve –

Starvation is not an option. It’s not the amount of food, but the quality. If you eat less you won’t give your body the energy it needs. You will be practically damaging it. Eat at least five times a day, but small portions. This way you will boost your metabolism and you won’t feel hungry. Don’t think healthy food is yucky or expensive. Beans, olive oil, tomatoes, bananas, melon, berries, salmon, rice – all things you can find in your local market, all tasty and perfect for your diet. You don’t have excuses for not eating the right way. You all wear bags – purses, backpacks, men bags. It’s not hard to put an apple inside and eat it when you are hungry. You may also consider taking weight loss supplements. There are brands in the market that are naturally made. Hence, it is safe and healthy for your body. To give you more information, you may visit and check some leptitox reviews online.

Read a lot –

Knowledge is power. The more informed you are about the food you eat, the exercise you do, your lifestyle, your habits, the better chances you have to achieve your goals. You live in the 21st century – you have constant internet connection on your mobile phone, you have internet at home. The world web is full of people who have been in your position, sharing the same experience and asking the same questions. Read their stories, read their tips. There is so much information about everything; it would be silly not to use it. There are even mobile apps that can help you with that. We live in wonderful modern times – take advantage.

Stay motivated –

Every person can be inspired by different things. Find out what is your motivation and use it. Ask your partner to help you during this process, watch videos of people who succeeded – if they can do it, so can you! Get some competition – very good way to stay focused.

Have a cheat day –

Though love is always good when it comes to weight, but you just need a cheat day. One chocolate a week won’t hurt you and you can consider it as a gift for your success.

As said, there is no big secret –

it’s all common sense. You just have to realize you can do it.