What are Social Media Sites?Social media sites are blended sites. They combine media with social interaction, using highly accessible and easy enough to use publishing platforms. There is often an overlap between what sites are considered social media sites and what sites are considered social networking sites. <–more–>They’re for Networking This is because social media sites are often used as a means of networking. You could distinguish between the two by saying that social media sites refer to sites that employ media as a means to be social, while social networking sites refer to any sites where networking and connections can be made.What Sites are They?YouTube is a good example of a social media site. It enables the easy publishing of media to a wide open audience who can connect via their comments and reactions to the videos, or the creator can connect with the audience through the video. Media plays a major role in the social connections.

Facebook, MySpace, Second Life and Flickr have all been called social media sites as well. So now that you know what social media sites are, how can they relate to you?They’re Popular With Facebook coming in at number two for most popular sites in the world and YouTube coming in at number three, you can see that social media sites are great places for making connections and for generating traffic.The first thing you should do is consider what media type is best for your company. There are some types of media that immediately fit with a business and brand. For example, the music industry has a love-hate relationship with YouTube, people can listen to songs and watch videos for free, but stars like Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber shot to stardom with the help of YouTube.They Can Drive TrafficClothing, makeup and accessories are a natural fit with photography or video. But even if you are an information-based company there are still plenty of ways to use social media sites to draw traffic.

Instructional videos and product tours where you talk the audience through what the product or service is are a great way to create a company presence on YouTube, Vimeo or another video social media site.Anyone and any business can create a Facebook or MySpace page, from makeup brands to car companies and cleaning products. The key with these types of social media sites is to create a profile for your company that is personal as well as professional, so that you can make contacts and connections in an authentic manner. Your presence on these sites should raise awareness of your company’s brand as well as products or services. The more people that know about your business and your business’ site, the more traffic you can attract.No matter your business type, social media sites are simply potentially powerful to ignore. There’s a growing community of potential customers and clients out there, it’s time you joined in A visit can be made at official site at https://www.smm-world.com/buy-instagram-likes site. The posts should be entertaining and engaging for the interest of the followers. The selection of site is done with intelligence with the link provided.