Are you trying to come up with what to tell your ex girlfriend to get her back? Maybe you broke up recently and are anxious to know how to win her back. Or maybe you have not been together for a long while, and you still miss her. Many times we just cannot seem to find the words when we hurt so much. We sense even a physical pain in our chest or in our heart, and even our daily affairs are impacted. No doubt you would say anything, or do anything, if it would mean your chances of getting together would improve.

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The great news here is that there are certain words you can say in a certain way that can turn emotions around, and help you reunite. It’s all a matter of learning what to tell her to get her to come back to you, and you need to know when to say it.

It is important to know that couples make up all the time. Divorcees reunite, young couples reconcile after being apart, and long, lost lovers get back together again. There is no particular age, culture or demographic that is more successful making up after breaking up. When you learn what words to express to your ex to get her back, and when you know the psychology behind it, you will have the best chance at reconciling.

Just like everyone else, women want to feel appreciated. This feeling guides them in most of their actions in a relationship. She will stray if she feels as though she is being taken for granted or that she is not feeling appreciated. This is what you should tell your ex to get her back. Express to her your feelings, tell her how much you appreciate the love notes in your lunch bag and the effort she puts into planning romantic outings. Let her know how mistaken we were it not appreciating who she is and what she does for the relationship.

Let her know how proud you are of her, when you see her, and compliment her clothing, her hair, or anything else that comes to you. These small day to day compliments and acknowledgements are exactly what to tell your ex girlfriend to get her back.

Now you know what to say, but when should you say it? In truth, there is a perfect time to tell her and there are very precise things that you should say the next time you’re in contact. Knowing what to tell your ex girlfriend to get her back is important, but knowing when is also part of the crucial first step to stopping a breakup and saving a relationship.