If you think choosing furniture for your home is complicated, wait until you have to buy bunk beds for kids. It’s actually a little bit more complicated to do which is why you need a guide to make sure that you will be picking the right bunk bed for your children. Why? Because there have been a lot of child accidents involving bunk beds in the past. You don’t want your child to end up with fractures and concussions don’t you? To be in an emergency room in the middle of the night can be horrific for any parent, and imagine just how scary that could be for the child. So when looking for the best bunk bed, make sure they’re all for the right reasons.

As much as you would like your children to be happy with its color and design, there are safety concerns you need to take into serious consideration. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

The Perfect Type Of Bed For Smaller-Sized Rooms

What’s great about bunk beds is that they can save space for small rooms and make them more attractive and fun. But you need to measure the space where you’re planning to place the bunk bed, as well as measure the ceiling height as well. This is to ensure that there will be no room for mistakes in your measurement at least, when the package finally arrives at your doorstep. Be sure that there’s at least two or more feet of space between the bunk bed and the ceiling.

In addition to measuring the space that the bunk bed will be occupying, decide whether you want a twin over twin bunk, or a twin over full bunk. This is the perfect arrangement for when one of your children decide to have visitors or arrange for sleepovers.

Safety Features

If the bunk bed comes with a flimsy guard rail, or no guard rail at all, then by all means, return it. You can’t afford one of your children falling to the floor from the top bunk in the middle of the night. Also, make sure that the ladder/stairs is sturdily built. There have been reports of steps being broken because they are not strong enough. That could be the cause of some injury too.

Special Features

The best thing about some bunk beds is that they come with plenty of storage space. Some even come with a trundle bed. Others come with built in study areas or slides. Once you already have the measurement and safety features cleared, you can have your kids help you with the design.

There you go folks. Some things you need to remember when shopping for bunk beds for kids. Stick to these guidelines and it won’t be long until they’re having fun with one of their own in their bedroom. Good luck!

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