Losing weight seems, on the surface, to be a fairly straightforward proposition. You take in less calories than you expend, you eat healthy foods, you get plenty of exercise, and the weight just begins to fall off like clockwork, right?

For many, that’s wrong. So why is losing weight difficult for a great many of the people who attempt it?

1) You might have undiagnosed health conditions that make losing weight more difficult.

Conditions such as under active thyroids or hormone imbalances can put nearly insurmountable roadblocks in the path of your weight loss journey. Prior to beginning any new health or fitness program, you should get a complete physical report in your doctor’s office, at any rate, in order to assess your heart health and find out if you have any injuries or potential problems that you should work around. While you are there, explain to your physician that you’ve had a history of difficulties with weight loss and have them check into any potential medical causes.

2) Your brain chemistry may be fighting against you.

Often, the thing that derails people’s weight loss efforts is cravings. Whether your particular weakness is for sugar and sweets, baked goods, starchy foods like fried potatoes, fried food like fried chicken, or foods that are based on processed white flour like pasta, the cravings can be uncontrollable.

Sometimes even just the smell of the food you crave can be enough to make you light headed and dizzy. It’s difficult to imagine that an alcoholic or a drug addict would have a much stronger craving than food addicts do, at times.

Sometimes these cravings can be caused by a deficit of serotonin, which is the hormone that regulates mood and a sense of contentment. Food addicts have become accustomed to the idea that food equals comfort. Many times, that correlation began to be formed in the brain of a food addict before conscious memories were even taking shape.

There are two ways that this can be handled. First, you can try to retrain your brain that taking a walk or soaking a long hot bath is what will restore your sense of contentment, not a pint of ice cream or some other high calorie treat. Second, if the issue is more serious, you need to see a physician who can prescribe a medication that regulates serotonin.

3) Are you female? If so, your gender is working against you when it comes to losing weight.

Women have a few things working against them, when compared to men, in the weight-loss department. First of all, female hormones are more of a block to weight-loss than male hormones are. Secondly, muscle burns fat and men’s bodies naturally produce more muscles than women’s do. Thirdly, the type of fat that men’s bodies store is more easily burned them the type of fat that women’s bodies tend to store. This makes losing weight for women not impossible, but more difficult than it is for men.

In addition, maybe you just rely on yourself. When aiming to lose weight, it is also important to get support system from other people and from reliable products like weight loss supplements such as clear nails plus.

These are just a few of the answers to the difficult question, “Why is losing weight difficult?”

Every person’s physical make-up and body chemistry is different, so any single individual’s issue may be something that wasn’t covered here. If you, personally, are having trouble getting the pounds to go down, don’t simply sit and wonder, “Why is losing weight difficult?” Consult a physician, get a full work-up, and find a nutritionist and trainer who will work with you individually to overcome your challenges.

When the weight is off, and you are fit and healthy, you will be happy that you put in the extra effort, despite the difficulty.