It has been said that it might be possible to measure quantity of water that the sea holds in her depths but it is virtually impossible to read what is going on in a woman’s mind and what is it that her heart desires.

The younger generation boys always aspires to date a girl that is beautiful, attractive, talkative, outgoing, compatible and so on and they have no greater ambition in life than this in their growing up years and up until adolescence before responsibilities shackle their feet.

This has been quite a task for parents to keep their children under their control so that they concentrate more on their studies, get good marks, complete their graduation and settle down with a well paid job so that they can find a nice match for them and complete their responsibilities.


Most parents, however, fail to realize that those times are long gone when children used to listen to their elders and do whatever their heart pleases, especially the gals

Well that can’t change now so therefore, we shall discuss some important dating tips that women can use while dating a man and they are as follows:

  • The most important point is to always be your true self and never exaggerate your credentials by pretending to be what you are not as that would just to please him because your love story will end even before it begins
  • Never drink or smoke too much in front of him and even advise him the same if he is in the same boat because it is harmful to health
  • Always be sure of your mind on whether your interest in him is to satisfy your sexual desire or you truly love him
  • Be mysterious and play hard to get but not all the time as that would spell obich to the relationship