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Hot Weather Home Safety Checks For Pets When You Are At Work

Working from home allows me to be with my dogs and monitor everything that is going on in my home. If they are drinking more water, due to extreme heat and dry weather, I can easily leave the computer to refill their dish. Most working people don’t have that advantage and must leave their pets at home for 8 or more hours a day. What if there was a power outage or your air conditioning unit suddenly quit?

Pets Get Accustomed to Air Conditioning

If you are used to being in air conditioning most of the summer, it is hard to tolerate being without it. Your pet feels the same way. Have you noticed how quickly your dog goes outside to potty and then seems to hurry back in? We do the same thing on an extremely hot day. It’s much nicer inside; we know it and so do they.

What if there was a power outage? It is common in extremely hot weather, as more people are cranking up their air conditioners, or plugging in more fans. If you didn’t work in the same area, your home could be without power for several hours and you wouldn’t even know it.

With the air inside getting hotter by the hour and no fans running to circulate it, your dog can become quite miserable. It could even be dangerous, if you live in an apartment or mobile home that heats up quickly in the sun. She might even quickly empty her water bowl trying to cool down. Then she would be without water for hours.

Even the most well serviced, or newest, central air unit can fail. I have an old central air unit and I breathe a sigh of relief every time it kicks on in extremely hot weather. If it refused to work, I would know it immediately and would be able to either call a repair man, or find another solution for me and the dogs.

Ask Somebody to do a Pet Safety Check

Just as they tell us to do frequent checks of the elderly in extreme temperatures it is also important to have someone check on your home and pets in extremely hot weather conditions. All they would need to do is pop in and check to see that the air is running efficiently and that the dogs have plenty of water. They could even text you a quick message to say “everything is fine.”

If they find that the air conditioner or fans have quit working, or that the power is out, they can notify you immediately and you can take action. Not only would this protect your pet, it would save everything you have in your refrigerator or freezer from spoiling.

If you have teenagers within walking distance of your home, ask them to do a pet safety check every few hours that you are away at work. Teenagers are usually looking to earn a few bucks in the summer, so it could be a win-win situation for both of you.

Grinding Your Teeth At Night Can Lead To Major Dental Damage

Ever since I was little I would grind my teeth in my sleep. Sometimes I would wake myself up when the grinding got to be too intense or loud. As a teenager my dentist warned that tooth damage was already becoming apparent from grinding my teeth at night. He made me a dental guard to help ward off extensive dental damage. As a teenager I did not take his cautions to heart and rarely slept with the guard in my mouth. Now, as an adult, my teeth grinding has subsided a bit but I still occasionally wake my husband up with the annoying sounds of tooth on tooth grating.

Now that I am more mature and realize that ignoring the problem will not make it go away I have done a bit of research into this issue. The dental community has a term for people who grind their teeth in their sleep at night. It is called Bruxism.

Some people believe that those who grind their teeth in their sleep may do it to relieve stress. Others think it may afflict people who have an “abnormal bit or missing or crooked teeth.*” Either way, it makes me feel bad to wake up my husband at night and sometimes it makes my jaw sore in the morning. If I am particularly aggressive when grinding my teeth at night I can feel my molar teeth ache the next day. While those days are rare, it is really annoying and has to be causing tooth damage.

Since I do not want to cause irreversible dental damage to my teeth I have found some ways to alleviate grinding my teeth at night. The most common way to protect yourself from tooth damage is to have your dentist fit you with a night guard. I tried this when I was younger and would spit the guard out in my sleep. It is also not very fashionable to get in bed with your husband wearing a piece of plastic in your mouth. So, I am not too excited about this remedy.

The remedies I found on seem to fit my lifestyle better. I believe my sleep Bruxism comes out the most when I am stressed out. has some suggestions for how to decrease life’s stresses. The one that I like the most is the idea of exercising more. Exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and may help me lose a few pounds in the mean time. It will be like killing two birds with one stone.

Some other ideas you can use to stop grinding your teeth at night as to avoid irreversible dental damage are as follows. First, limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine can make you jittery and on edge so try and cut back especially at night to alleviate your teeth grinding habit. Alcohol is another thing that may intensify Bruxism so try and limit or remove it from your diet. Lastly, if you notice that you are clinching your jaw during the day make a point to relax those muscles. If you make an effort to curb your stressed jaw during the day maybe it will become more relaxed during your sleep as well.

If you ignore the problem of grinding your teeth at night, it will not go away. All you will get is tooth and dental damage, headaches, and possible hearing loss. The first thing you want to do if you suspect you have Bruxism is see your dentist. Share some of the tips here with him and see if he has any other ideas on how to relieve this potentially serious ailment.

Fun Games Kids Can Play While Waiting

It’s a fact: Kids get bored when they’re waiting. Whether it’s waiting at the doctor’s office, dentist or a long car ride, kids get bored. And bored kids can quickly turn into mischievous kids. Most parents, though, don’t like packing around a huge supply of games and activities to curb boredom. Here are a few fun and easy games the kids will enjoy – no tote bag, crayons or paper required.
Yes and No

Yes and No is similar to Twenty Questions. One person will start out by being It. The other players will be Askers. It will choose something – a person, place, thing then give a clue to the Askers. The clue can only be the beginning letter of It’s choice item. For example: It chooses “snowman” – then tells the Askers “Letter S.” Next the Askers begin asking questions about the chosen item that can be answered with yes or no (It can also answer with occasionally, sometimes, never, always, or the like). Questions are asked until someone guesses, then that Asker who guessed correctly now becomes It.

One Up (or Stumped)

This is a great boredom buster and a friend and I first started playing it in high school. All players choose a mutually-agreed-upon subject. For examples: Christmas, Star Wars, weather, movies, etc.

One player starts by stating something that relates to the chosen subject.

For example: Christmas. One player says “Snow” then another player says “Candy canes” and so on and so forth. Each player tries to “one up” or “stump” the players before them. When no one can come up with another item to go with the subject the game is over – the last player to state an item has stumped the others.

My friend and I once carried a Star Wars One Up game through two or three weeks while in high school.

Vacation or Camping Trip

One person starts by saying “I’m going on vacation (or a camping trip) and I’m going to take ___” and they name and item then explain why they’ll need it. For example: “. . .I’m going to take a camera so I can take lots of pictures” or “. . .a map so I can find my way.”

Each player takes a turn and the game continues for as long as the players would like. There is no winner or loser.

Bee Bee Bumble Bee

I learned this game when I was a little girl and used to play it with my brother when we were bored. It’s very similar to I Spy. One person starts out as It. They look around the room they’re in and choose an item. It could be a book, a window, a door, a picture on the wall, a person’s shirt – whatever. Then they say “Bee Bee Bumble Bee, I see something you don’t see and the color is ___” and they name the color of the item they chose. The other players try to guess the item and the one who guesses correctly is now It and takes their turn.

Imagination games like these are fun to play to curb boredom and they don’t require any supplies to play them – except maybe your thinking cap!

Do You Need Liability Insurance on Your Boat?

We all know that liability insurance is necessary for cars, trucks, and other street-legal vehicles, but what about water-faring vehicles? One could argue that the open sea (or your local lake) is just as dangerous as the highway, but many people don’t buy liability insurance for their boats because it isn’t required by law.
This is often a mistake.

A Serious Error in Judgment

My father-in-law purchased a sailboat several years ago, eager to realize a childhood dream of sailing the open water of Lake Conroe. A few weeks after he bought it, he took it out after dark one night, and he accidently crashed with another boat who didn’t see him.

Since he hadn’t yet gotten around to pricing liability insurance for the boat, he was responsible for the entire cost of fixing both vessels. Not only did this result in a serious tongue-lashing from my mother-in-law, but it taught a very valuable lesson about insuring one’s assets.

Why Liability Insurance for Boats is Important

As you are probably aware, liability insurance protects a boat owner from damage he or she causes to someone else or his property. If you crash into a boat dock, for example, or take out another boat on the water, liability insurance will pay for that damage-up to your limits, at least.

Many people avoid buying liability insurance for their boats because, after all, it doesn’t pay for damage to their own property. What they don’t realize, though, is that you don’t get to choose whether or not to repair the damage you cause to someone else. If you don’t pay for it, you’ll probably find yourself on the wrong end of a civil lawsuit.

Not as Unlikely as You Think

It’s easy to hear about a boating accident and say snidely to yourself, “I would never be that stupid.” And maybe you wouldn’t. But not all boating accidents are avoidable-or even the fault of the offending party.

What if you experience some type of mechanical failure while boating that causes you to hit someone else? You didn’t do anything wrong while you were out sailing with the family, but your negligence in keeping the boat in good repair results in your culpability. This is why it is a good idea to buy liability insurance for boats.

This also makes a good case for other types of boat insurance. If you damage your own vessel (even through no fault of your own), you will have to cover those expenses out of pocket. Insurance is designed to protect you from financial hardship as a result of an accident.

Talk to your insurance agent about the costs, features and benefits of liability insurance for boats, and while you’re at it, get a quote for comprehensive and collision coverage. This way you can use your boat without worrying about potential hazards.

Dating Horror Stories: The Mistake

It was years ago, but I still remember one of the worst dates I ever went on. It was partly my fault for agreeing in the first place, as I wasn’t terribly attracted to this guy, but he was oddly sweet in his own creepy way and we had some things (if not much) in common, so I figured he was worth a shot.

I was wrong.

After months of him not so subtly dropping signs of his interest in me, and my overwhelming pity slowly converting any rational thought in my head to a resounding “Why not?” I agreed to a date.

He wanted to take me to dinner and then a movie. This would have been fine, except that we both had food allergies and they conflicted with each other. This meant that even if we did decide to date, kissing could turn deadly very quickly, or we’d both need to drastically change diets. So, to begin with, everything about this was a terrible plan.

We stuck to the movie idea, because then if we weren’t getting along, we could just ignore each other. Ignoring him during the movie was not an option.

This is because he was screaming. He was screaming like a tiny little girl who had just gotten scared by a giant tiger. He screamed every time a gun was fired. Since we had agreed on the film together by watching some trailers, I couldn’t understand this. He knew it was a movie about people with guns shooting other people with other guns. This was not a surprise twist.

After a while, people started leaving the theater. I was tempted to do so myself, but I figured there was a reason he was responding this way. I asked him if he was okay or if he needed to leave. I told him it would be okay if we left. I wouldn’t hold it against him. He happily responded that he was fine and having a good time. He even said the movie was very well done. Okay. So, was he just being a jerk? Was this a nervous tick I had somehow not noticed over the year or so of knowing him? I did my best to just go on watching the movie.

Once it was thankfully, finally over, I asked him if there was something I should know. Had he been in a war zone at some point? Was there some other trauma or problem? We could talk about it. We could work through this together and find him help if he wanted it. I was more than happy to be there for him in his time of need, or just move on at least knowing what it was.

His response? “I’m just like that about violence. Everyone should be.”

So we left. My friend had shown up at this point, to make it less date-like if I was unhappy. She was willing to vanish if I gave her the word. I opted to let her stay. He thought he was going to get both of us at once. This was not okay.

By the end of the evening, he drove me home and walked me to the door. We stood there awkwardly for a moment before I blurted out that, no, I didn’t want to go out with him again. We didn’t have enough in common and he really wasn’t my type. I think I even added that I shouldn’t be his either.

He leaned in. I said, “No, seriously.” He kept creeping in towards my face.

I asked him why he thought I would kiss him goodnight or ever date him again. He responded by telling me that he was sure I’d change my mind. He winked and everything.

I ran inside and slammed the door. I felt bad about it, until I saw him the next day. He was happily announcing how well our “first date” went. I didn’t argue. My friends knew the truth and he was allowed his fantasies. Eventually I transferred to a different college anyway.

To this day, he still calls me every once in a while to see if I’ve changed my mind yet.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Are So Successful And Here Is The Reason

Dyson is well renowned as a British company that has an absolute technology to design and manufacture vacuum cleaners, heaters, hand dryers, and other such products. For producing the supreme quality products especially the durable and easy to use vacuum cleaners Dyson is well recognized. In one such list, a bagless vacuum cleaner along with bladeless fans is at the top.

Major acknowledgment

The vacuum cleaner manufactured here holds the rank as the best selling and preferred vacuum cleaners in the world and there are a number of reasons behind its success. Their vacuum cleaners are convenient and stunning undoubtedly clearly does signifies its viability and feature-rich efficiency. There are various other reasons that make Dyson vacuum cleaner worth, one such is these vacuum cleaners are entirely based upon the most powerful and robust “suction and technology”. This also makes them powerful to suck the entire dust from the floor or other surfaces as compared to any other vacuum cleaner. You can be assured that no trace of dirt to be found after it’s cleaning. These vacuum cleaners do not always come in regular size or design rather you get to see lots of other handy and convenient designs available.

What makes them different?

The vacuum cleaner designs are technology-oriented which also has concept cyclones to easily pick up the dust or dirt with its high suction pump and spins present behind the debris. It has incredible dust capturing filters and cylinders within an individual dustbin. Also, the dust particles cannot easily filter out directly into the air because the machines are not crowded parallel to the large pieces of underlying debris. Dyson vacuum cleaners also have an effective giant fan air suction pump especially when it comes to dyson v8 recensioni services are absolutely well.

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